AC Bonifacio shares process of making dance covers, skincare routine in latest Hotspot guesting

It may have been around a month since their whole family flew back to Canada, but that doesn’t hinder AC Bonifacio from keeping in touch with her fans here in the Philippines as she continues to update us with her activities via social media and to delight us with her awesome dance covers uploaded on her YouTube channel, as well as having occasional appearances in ASAP Natin ‘To.

And on Thursday, October 29, she had a fun chikahan with DJ Jhai Ho during her guesting in ABS-CBN Entertainment’s Hotspot, wherein they talked about her perspective on dancing, the process she and her team go through in creating her trending dance covers, her hobbies, and the secret behind her glowing glass skin!

Their conversation commenced with the 17-year-old Filipino-Canadian discussing the process that she and her team undertake every time they do dance covers. According to her, it starts with how much she wants to do it, if she could do it, and if she likes the song because she firmly believes that “at the end of the day, if you’re not into it, it’s not gonna be how you want it to be.” Once she decides what song to do, she, her mom, and her team would brainstorm for the overall concept of the video and how her hair and makeup should look like and lay all of those in a storyboard.

“I’m so grateful for them, they’re big, big, big part of mga covers ko po. And recently we just shot another one kasi BLACKPINK just released a new song. ‘Yung team ko po, nasa Philippines pa rin, so over FaceTime sila nagdi-direct. It was hard because of internet, WIFI, and also the time zone, but it was fun. Every time I do a cover, they’re so good in thinking and conceptualizing. It works out po,” she expressed.

AC also teased that she has an upcoming cover of another BLACKPINK track, which they shot until 3 o’clock in the morning since it’s going to feature four different looks again, just like her impression of “How You Like That” that won second place in the K-Pop group’s global online competition.

When asked who are her dream collaborations, she divulged that aside from her favorite Korean pop groups BTS and BLACKPINK, she also wishes to perform alongside Bruno Mars, Ariana Grande, Usher, Ne-Yo, and Michael Jackson if she still could as he inspired her to become a hip-hop dancer growing up.

As pop superstar Selena Gomez featured her dance video on her Instagram story along with the other dancers from all over the world who covered her LSS-inducing collaboration with BLACKPINK “Ice Cream”, the young dancer recounted to DJ Jhai Ho that she screamed out of disbelief and thrill when her mom told her about it.

Since she’s slowly getting known from different parts of the world because of her incredible dancing prowess, the host asked if there are already other artists or groups who are reaching out to them, she admitted that they’re currently not accepting offers yet as of the moment due to the pandemic.

“I think there’s probably a few people who are in my DMs, pero because pandemic din po, we aren’t really prioritizing trying to meet up or trying to see each other. So there’s a lot na nagdu-duet na lang sa TikTok, or nagzo-ZOOM class, or editing-editing na lang po,” she said.

She added, “Parang recently for YouTube Fan Fest, gumawa po kami ni Matt Steffanina and a few other artists from around the world ng dance collaboration. Lahat po kami nag-shoot lang sa green screen tapos ‘yong edit, parang magkatabi lang po kami lahat. It really works out in the end po.”

Apart from dancing, which she deems as her ultimate passion and the language she uses in expressing herself, AC is also talented in playing the guitar, ukulele, and piano and has also adept in playing sports, basketball, floor hockey, volleyball, and soccer. And during this pandemic, she has learned to paint and draw.

The interview concluded with the young star enumerating her skincare routine and reminding the viewers to consult their dermatologist in order to find out which products are suitable or needed by their skin.

Click on this video to see everything that went down in DJ Jhai Ho’s virtual kumustahan with AC Bonifacio!