These Star Magic artists go the non-traditional route in their promposals

Thinking of who to bring to prom can be nerve-wracking, let alone asking that special person to be your date. But, believe us when we say you can make it happen yourself – in the most creative, unconventional way.

Though every promposal is special as it takes a lot of groundwork and guts to build that moment, others stand out for being literally unexpected and quirky. Here are three unique promposals of Star Magic artists for the upcoming Star Magical Prom. 

When you don’t have a significant other to go to prom with, invite your squad instead as Idol Philippines Season 2 alums Trisha Gomez, Drei Sugay, and Misha de Leon did. “Do you guys want to go as a group? Like, tayong mga Idols?” asked Drei. The girls thought it would be a great idea and were thrilled to fill the magical night with friendship memories. They even came up with a song about the Star Magical Prom.

Sometimes there’s only one sure-fire way to make prom a night to remember – celebrate how amazing it feels to be you. Former Pinoy Big Brother Season 10 housemate Kai Espenido is going to prom solo, and we think it’s the ultimate power move. “Who’s a better date than yourself?” she said in the clip while enjoying her alone time on the beach. Salute to ladies who can dance on their own!

And cheers also to girls who redefine this traditionally gendered gesture by asking a boy to prom! Gabb Skribikin took matters into her own hands and promposed to her fellow PBB alum Luke Alford.

In the clip, we see Gabb’s preparations from creating a special invitation to ordering a personalized bubble balloon. She enlisted the help of their directors, co-stars, and staff of “Pak Na Pak! Palong Follow,” their show on PIE Channel.

In the live episode, Gabb and Luke sang together followed by a short banter with their co-hosts. The invitation she edited herself flashed on the LED screen, then she handed Luke the customized balloons and popped the question.

“Alam mo, sabi ko, you deserve the world. Kaya sabi ko, gusto ko gawin to sa’yo kasi you deserve it. And I really want na ikaw ang dalhin ko sa first ever prom na pupuntahan ko,” she professed. “So, Luke Alford, will you be my prom date this March 30?”

Luke danced in ‘kilig’ and answered, “Siyempre naman.”

In the video, Gabb also explained that it was her first time asking a guy out and she just wanted to be unique, “I just really wanted to experience anong feeling na babae ang mag-a-ask out.” Also, she picked Luke to be her date because she finds him nice and funny.

These videos tell us that you can choose any promposal route; you just have to make sure it comes from the heart.