Star Magic boys go the extra mile with helicopter promposals

Helicopter proposals are absolute perfection. A guy goes the extra mile to give you an exhilarating moment exploring the city up in the air like you’re a princess in a modern world. Who wouldn’t be on cloud nine?

Ahead of the Star Magical Prom ex-Pinoy Big Brother housemates Josh Worsley and Rob Blackburn ascended their 'promposals' by bringing their dream dates on a helicopter tour. However, not everyone will land with a sweet ‘yes’.

“Who should I take to the prom?” This was probably the first question that crossed the minds of young Kapamilya gentlemen when they got an invite to the Star Magical Prom.  As for Josh, he could only think of his fellow PBB alum Criza Taa as the perfect date.

“I chose Criza kasi I love her energy, her personality, and we got close during and after PBB. And we have the exact same energy. She’s makulit, I’ m makulit,” he said while waiting for Criza to arrive at Hangar 5, Pasay City.

He prepared a helicopter tour for them, hoping to ask her the ‘kilig’ question after their landing. But, ultimately, he just wanted to make Criza happy and enjoy their time together.

Meanwhile, on the way to the airport, Criza had inkling about a possible promposal, though clueless of who could it be from. “Feeling ko promposal pero hindi ko alam sino talaga, as in zero idea talaga. Wala akong alam sino, kung anong mangyayari ngayong araw na ‘to, kung saan, wala akong alam.”

“Nice to see you,” she greeted Josh. “Naiiyak ako,” she gushed when told about their activity for that day, as it was her first time riding on a helicopter. The two had an amazing time flying over the metro, with the good weather painting the sky with beautiful shades of blue.

They landed. Standing in front of a custom banner, Josh popped the question, “This is my first time going and I love your energy talaga. I want to have fun at the prom as a friend or whatever po. If it’s okay, if you want to be my partner to the prom?”

Criza admired Josh’s effort, “Na-appreciate ko talaga ito lahat, like, I really do. Sobrang happy ako that you did this and all.” However, she opted to decline his proposal, “Pero naka-set na kasi sa utak ko that I’m going to prom alone. This is going to be kasi my first prom ever, so parang I want to spend it by myself. But, of course, we can still hang out there. I really appreciate this. Thank you, Josh.”

Josh was still happy he got to spend time with Criza and respected her decision like a true gentleman. Have fun at the prom, Josh and Criza!

They say love is in the air. It’s never been more true than when Rob took Maxine Trinidad on a helicopter tour in Pampanga. Maxine, who thought this was just a typical day off, was mesmerized by the scenic view and enjoyed every bit of their experience.

When they landed, Rob sneaked out pretending to take his car keys so they can go to a restaurant for lunch. He then came back with a marching band. Mr. Blackburn was so extra! He serenaded his beloved Ms. Trinidad with the song he wrote about her inside the PBB house, tweaking the lyrics to squeeze in his question.

“I wrote a song so that I can prompose to you. So, dear, Ms. Trinidad, will you be my date to the Star Magic Prom?” he sang, cueing his accomplices to bring out a custom banner.

“Will you go to the prom with me, Ms. Trinidad?” he asked again. 

“Yes, Mr. Blackburn,” Maxine replied.

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