Mothers’ Day 2020: Supermoms Dimples, Jolina, Melai and Denise’s bonding moments with their kids

If you are wondering how to help your little ones cope through the enhanced community quarantine, these Kapamilyas shared how they stay productive at home!

Because of the continuous threat of COVID-19, our day to day lives have gone a complete 180. For children, this means they can’t continue to attend school and get the education they need to grow. Luckily, supermoms like Dimples Romana, Jolina Magdangal, Melai Cantiveros, and Denise Laurel know exactly how to keep their young ones active.


Dimples and Alonzo


Dimples and her son Alonzo have become workout buddies. In this video, they showed off how they do planks, crunches, and push-ups. Aside from this, the two also read together. “We like reading books kasi nakakapagpalawak po siya ng vocabulary, lalo sa mga bata,” the Kapamilya actress explained. This activity is more like an interactive story telling where she read and then he answers questions.

After mind and body, next up is their souls. It is important for Dimples regularly massage Alonzo’s back and legs. “Maganda pong mag-massage kasi this is a way we can show our love to our kids through the love language of touch,” she encouraged. Of course, they never forget to pray for their family and everyone else who is suffering because of this pandemic. According to Alonzo, this is one way of asking Jesus to send angels who will protect us.

Dance is another activity they try to stay positive. “I always feel like music also heals the soul and comforts our heart,” Dimples shared. And since Alonzo loves TikTok videos, they usually recreate viral TikTok dances.


Jolina and Pele

Jolina shared that her son Pele has a passion for the arts. He draws, paints, decorates, and plays instruments. So, usually after her workout, she would set up a small art station for him to unleash his inner artist. Although, the six-year-old kid also joins his parents when they are exercising. “Basta gusto niya nakikiyugyug din kay mama,” Jolina said.

Because of the quarantine, Pele has become the youngest cook in their home. Whenever the Magandang Buhay host is in the kitchen, the eager little chef is volunteering to help. “Kaya si Pele ngayon, marunong na siyang maggisa,” the momshie boasted. After all the fun and learning, their family likes to unwind and bond by watching movies. They even prepare snacks and pretend to be in a cinema. “Ine-enjoy talaga namin at sinisiguro namin na kami ay gumagawa ng happy memories every day,” Jolina stated.


Melai, Mela and Stela

Melai’s two daughters Mela and Stela have been busy playing with their toys. After all, kids just want to play and have fun. Mela loves her dolls, especially the princess and babies. Her favorite princess is Ariel, which is no surprise since she was holding the Little Mermaid all throughout this video. Meanwhile, Stela has a pet toy duck since she loves to swim. The youngest lady in their household also appears to have a fondness for cockroaches.

As much as Melai’s daughters enjoy playtime, they are aware of the changes that is happening in the world today. So, Mela wishes for everyone to stay at home and regularly wash hands. Behind going to sleep, they pray for everyone’s safety, especially the frontliners. “And also I want a baby boy,” Mela randomly added.


Denise and Bukie

April 24 was a special day for Denise and her son. So, despite the enhanced community quarantine, the Kapamilya celebrity tried her best to make Bukie’s 9th birthday just as memorable. “He thinks we’re just having a regular lunch together because of the quarantine and because of the times that we’re going through but I still wanted to do something to make him a little special,” she said.

Denise managed to score some decorations and then prepared a cake with all his favorites. Red frosting made the cake look like it is horror themed, but it is Bukie’s favorite color. There were also a lot of chocolate treats on top because he loves chocolate. If you ever find yourself decorating a cake, Denise has a tip for you, “I stole some of his drawings para maging toppings ‘yung favorite characters niya.” It was not a perfect cake, but Bukie’s reaction showed that he loved it either way.

The rest of their stay at home routine includes exercising their body, mind, and hands. They workout everyday with the help of Denise’s sister. They read the gospel together to learn about God’s word and to practice his reading skills. Bukie also draws a lot of cartoon characters. So, it was no surprise when he revealed that he wants to be an animator in the future.