Easy and healthy recipes by Kapamilya Stars

How many of you became amateur chefs because of the enhanced community quarantine? For some, this was a chance to discover a new skill. For others, cooking is still a struggle. Luckily, these Kapamilya celebrities shared their favorite recipes that anyone can make at home! Whether you are craving local or international street food, fancy or comfort food, this video can satisfy all your cravings.

Arci Munoz’s Special Instant Noodles

Instant noodles are in high demand because of the pandemic. They are practically flying off grocery shelves and are included in every relief package. So, Arci Muñoz prepared a nutritious twist to make this basic meal a little more special. The Pamilya Ko actress added beef cubes, carrots, and malunggay to her noodles. If these are not readily available to you, she encouraged being resourceful and using whatever you can find at home.

Jayson Gainza’s Cheesy Turon

If you miss eating street food, Jayson Gainza has the perfect recipe for turon that only needs four ingredients—banana, cheese, lumpia wrapper and condensed milk. “’Yung mga nasa bahay po na talaga pong nagtitipid din pero gusto nila ng masarap na pagkain na meryenda, try n’yo po ‘yung turon,” he said.

Instead of the usual langka, the Banana Sundae mainstay paired the banana with cheese. The condensed milk served as the dipping sauce to compliment the rich flavors of the cheese. When preparing Jayson’s cheesy turon, keep in mind that the most important step is handwashing.

Yeng Constantino’s Vegetarian Pakbet

Did you know that Yeng Constantino has been a vegetarian for almost five years now? If you are thinking of going vegetarian too, now is the perfect time. After all, boosting our immune system is one of the best ways to combat COVID-19.

The Kapamilya singer’s version of pakbet used kalabasa, ampalaya, sitaw and okra. Since it is a vegetarian version, tomato was used as a substitute for bagoong. “Bukod sa pag-aalaga ng inyong mga katawan, alagaan n’yo rin po ang mga mental health ninyo,” Yeng added.

Diether Ocampo’s Pandelockdown

Diether Ocampo is someone who never imagined being an amateur cook until the enhanced community quarantine forced him to learn this skill. Much to his surprise, he was able to bake bread! For the first time, he shared his new hobby to all Kapamilyas with this simple bread recipe. If Diether can make it, then you can make it too!

Turs Daza’s Kimchi Fried Rice

At this point in the quarantine, you must be craving some international food. Now, thanks to Turs Daza and his dad chef Sandy Daza, you do not need to visit a Korean restaurant to have some Kimchi Fried Rice in the comfort of your own homes! This is especially perfect for when you have leftover rice.

Most of the ingredients should be available at home. Although, you will also need gochujang, which is a red pepper paste. Some sesame oil, spicy flavored spam, and seaweed flakes. And of course, kimchi. If you are considering becoming a professional chef, chef Sandy recommends practicing this dish. “You have to start with a good confidence building recipe like [kimchi fried rice],” he said.

Ivan Carapiet’s Steak and Pasta

If you are fortunate enough to have a full pantry at home, then you might want to recreate Ivan Carapiet’s fancy dinner menu. You will feel like you are eating in a restaurant. He prepared pan-fried steak, aglio e olio, and baked vegetables. These names might sound intimidating, especially the hard-to-pronounce aglio e olio, but making them is easier that it seems.

The vegetables were seasoned with olive oil and pepper, then baked for 20 minutes. Ivan’s secret to good steak is removing all the blood and making sure it is at room temperature when cooked. Aglio e olio only needs olive oil and parmesan cheese, but during this quarantine any type of cheese will do.

Which of these recipes will you try at home?