Kobie and Andi KoDi Promposal 2024

With only a week left until the highly anticipated Star Magical Prom 2024, Kapamilya heartthrobs are busy doing all the work to make sure they get to bring their chosen girl to the event.

For Kobie Brown, there’s nobody else he would like to slow-dance and spend the prom night with than Andi Abaya. In the latest ‘promposal’ video shared by Star Magic, Kobie is seen preparing a car trunk surprise.

He then picked up Andi from DLSU after her class and the two shared ‘kulitan’ moments inside the van. “We just picked Andi up from preschool. Did you learn your ABC?” teased Kobie, to which Andi replied, “Sige nga, say the alphabet backwards.”

When they arrived at the mall for supposedly just a dinner with Kobie’s family, Andi was puzzled as Kobie led her towards a van waiting outside. They opened the trunk and – surprise – there were four letter balloons spelling out the word, “PROM” along with other decors.

It was Kobie’s moment to speak from the heart.  “We we’re in prom together last year. And, of course, who else would I wanna go with except you?” He continued, “So, I want to ask, do you want to go to the Star Magic Prom with me this year again?”

Beaming with her sweet smile, Andi responded with a sincere "Yes." At the end of the video, she expressed her appreciation to Kobie and everyone who orchestrated the special ‘promposal’. Kobie also thanked Andi’s mom for allowing her to accept his dinner invitation.

Having had a blast at last year's prom, they can’t wait to experience how this year’s event will be like.

Watch out for KoDi at the Star Magical Prom 2024 this March 14!