Star Magic Hot Summer 2024

While the first thing that probably comes to mind when we hear the scientific word “metamorphosis” is the life cycle of any organism, one look in the dictionary and we can see that it is synonymous with “transformation,” “change,” or “development.”

And this is the important message that Star Magic wanted to convey in this year’s edition of the Hot Summer campaign that championed positive body transformation, which culmination was held on Wednesday, May 15, at the La Luz Beach Resort and Spa located in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas.

Eighteen artists under the wing of the premier talent agency courageously and enthusiastically take on the tough yet fulfilling challenge to change by going through a three-month transformational journey under the supervision of fitness coaches Jim Saret and Toni Saret that involved significant lifestyle change and rigorous trainings. But more than the aesthetics and the goal of looking good for the summer, their journey aimed to improve their overall well-being and develop discipline in their minds, bodies, and souls.

“I’m very happy to note that, wow, there’s a major transformation headed by coaches Jim and Toni Saret. They’re able to create a small community of very disciplined, very enthusiastic, health-conscious young artists of Star Magic,” Head of Star Magic and ABS-CBN TV Production Laurenti Dyogi expressed in his opening remarks.

The much-awaited event commenced with the Nation’s Girl Group BINI taking on the stage in their ravishing red attires as they performed their well-loved viral hit “Pantropiko.” In between their performance, the VTRs of Hot Summer Ambassadors Chie Filomeno, Barbie Imperial, and Jake Cuenca were flashed on the screen as they showed off their fit and sexy physiques. They then joined BINI onstage to cap off the opening number.

And it wasn’t only the 18 hotties who underwent extreme transformational journeys, but BINI divulged that they have their own as well in order for them to maintain their fit physiques.

While promoting confidence, body positivity, and body inclusivity has been the primary goal of the campaign ever since it was launched in 2022, hosts Aya Fernandez and Jhai Ho imparted that the Star Magic Hot Summer 2024 zeroed in the beauty of transformations and new beginnings, as well as in the importance of prioritizing one’s health and wellness. And the participants were able to achieve their body goals by observing disciplined workouts, a sexier mentality, healthier nutrition, and better health choices.

But aside from simply parading their hard-earned metamorphoses, the hotties also treated the live and online viewers to a slew of impressive performances, proving that there’s definitely more to them than their physical allure. The three ambassadors, on the other hand, stayed in a separate cabana from where they got to witness the results of the hotties’ hard work and determination, as well as give them words of encouragement and share with them their experiences towards achieving their body goals. 

The first batch of hotties to strut on the brightly illuminated runway in their two-piece swimsuits and flex their beautiful bodies on the stage were Dalia Varde, Thamara Alexandria, Gabb Birkin, and Maxine Trinidad, who all indeed embodied a new level of girl power. They set the stage on fire with their sultry dance production and impressed us with their sensible responses during their interview with the hosts.

Gabb conveyed her gratitude for the opportunity given to them by Star Magic to really improve themselves both physically and mentally, which she believes is highly important nowadays. The same with Maxine whose advocacy as a Philippine Youth Ambassadress is “youth fitness.”

With regard to the most significant lesson that she has picked up from this journey, Dalia said that it helped her realize how powerful our thoughts can be because it has the power to control us, especially our mentality.

Tawag ng Tanghalan Season 5 grand winner Reiven Umali didn’t only charm us with his looks, but with his voice also as he serenaded everyone with the song “Saan” by Maki. Representing the skinny guys who usually get ridiculed for being thin, Reiven recounted the challenges that he went through during their three-month fitness program and the ways that he was able to overcome them.

Next to him were up-and-coming heartthrobs Zach Guerrero, Lanca Carr Rob Blackburn, and Kobie Brown, who even got four lucky ladies from the audience kilig as they did a little fan service by playing the fun and thrilling newspaper game with them. While it seemed easy peasy, the four pairs must not only make sure to keep themselves within the folded paper, but also strike a pose as if they were couples once the music stopped. In the end, it was Zach and his partner Joanna who won. Rob was then left onstage to sing his single entitled “Biyernes ng Gabi” prior to its release soon.

The showcase of hotties continued with Shanaia Gomez performing her song “Slow Dancing” and CJ Navato serenaded everyone with the song “Kailan” by Maki. Both of them imparted the changes that they had experienced during their respective journeys, as well as their learnings.

Shanaia, who was stoked to receive a cake and resounding greetings from everyone, said that for her, “being fit is how you treat your body and how you love yourself.” Meanwhile, CJ shared that he has felt more confident with himself and more focused on his goals.

Pinoy Big Brother Otso alumni Kaori Oinuma, who sported a new hairdo and a more toned physique, and Aljon Mendoza, who already went past his lanky dude phase, were paired with each other as they grooved to AC Bonifacio’s “4 Myself”. With everything that she did to attain the body that she has now, Kaori said that it helped her become physically, mentally, and emotionally stronger.

Heartthrobs Joao Constancia and Jameson Blake totally swept us off our feet as they showed off their finely chiseled physiques, especially when they danced to BGYO’s “Tumitigil Ang Mundo.” Both of them revealed how taking part in the campaign helped them become more confident about themselves, with Jameson also sharing his message to his older self.

He stated, “Siguro consistency kasi medyo experienced naman ako sa workout and stuff pero nahirapan ako sa pagiging consistent. So, I would say to my younger version of myself to keep going, to be consistent sa lahat.

Kapamilya leading man JM de Guzman was the next to emerge onstage and made everyone swoon with his good looks. Instead of simply singing his song “Asa” onstage, the Linlang actor stepped down to roam and mingle with the audiences and handed roses to a few ladies. When quizzed by Aya and Jhai Ho regarding his experience as a hottie, he related, “Basta gustuhin, kayang gawin.

Last, but definitely not the least, was Anji Salvacion, who indeed has one of the most amazing “metamorphoses.” She further astonished everyone when she performed her song “You Didn’t.”

When it comes to her personal experience in the program, Anji stated, “I am grateful for being here, for being with the people that I worked really hard with. This journey is such a very, very important journey for me kasi it built up my self-confidence and made me who I am today, and I’m so grateful for that.”

With how it has been helpful for her in building her strength, confidence, and character, she now wishes to inspire others to take on the fitness journey as well.

In the end, it was Kobie Brown who was named the “Fan Favorite Male Hottie,” while Anji Salvacion was hailed the “Fan Favorite Female Hottie.”

Everyone was then surprised when BINI returned to the stage for their “Salamin, Salamin” performance, and were joined afterwards by the Star Magic Hot Summer 2024 hotties and ambassadors. The event concluded with a fireworks display.

Star Magic Hot Summer 2024 may have already ended, but the valuable messages it aims to convey may remain in us – to always put our overall well-being as a top priority and to bravely embrace the changes that we need to do in order to become the better versions of ourselves.