Star Magic Promposal 2024: Josh-Reich

Josh Worsely is once again looking for a date to Star Magical Prom.

We all probably recall the time when Josh orchestrated a helicopter promposal, only to be turned down by Criza Taa, whom he invited to the inaugural Star Magical Prom in 2023.

Well, here he is once more, pulling out all the stops for yet another breathtaking promposal. This year, he has his eyes on Reich Alim, better known for her role as Zell in “He’s Into Her 2”, as his potential date. He’s really been wanting to get to know her more since getting to interact with her at the last ABS-CBN Christmas Special. Obviously, he’s captivated by her charm and personality.

And he’s not one to let past rejections dampen his spirit. After all, one can only find the ‘right person’ if he is willing to keep searching. “I don’t want to be rejected again. But it’s good to take risks kasi you’ll never know at the end,” he said, expressing both excitement and nervousness as the special day approached.

The plan was to take Reich on an outdoor adventure in Tiaong, Quezon, making her believe that they would only film for his vlog. They had a great time together playing golf, interacting with birds, observing farm animals, visiting a lake, and taking an enjoyable trail. Their adrenaline surged as they rode the ATV, taking in the serene countryside scenery.

Through their interactions, we can tell that his cute little antics never fail to make her smile. We already got ‘kilig’ just watching them enjoy each other’s company. But the excitement reached new heights as Josh prepared to pop the question.

Reich was told she must wear a blindfold for the vlog, and as she removed it, she was greeted by Josh holding a bouquet, and three people holding a banner that read, “Will you be my date to the Star Magic Prom?”

Reich appreciated the sweet gesture. “In the shoot today, he was really caring, lalo na sa trek kasi I almost fell. He was assisting me. He was really nice,” she noted.

Meanwhile, Josh felt immense relief and happiness as the plan unfolded successfully, and Reich answered, "Yes." He now finally knows how it feels to have a date to the prom!

Watch out for Josh and Reich at the Star Magical Prom on March 14.