Jayda Avanzado Francine Diaz Hotspot

Promising young singer and songwriter Jayda Avanzado joined DJ Jhai Ho in the latest episode of Hotspot to talk about her newest single “M.U.” or “Malabong Usapan”, as well as promote her highly anticipated concert this coming June 26.



She shared that this month has probably been the busiest she has ever had because aside from preparing for her concert entitled “Jayda in Concert”, she has also been promoting her latest single titled “M.U.”, which actually for her is about self-empowerment. 

The fast-rising young star shared that during the process of writing the song, she was at the point of her life where she values knowing her worth, settling for less, and guarding her heart. She further explained that the song also implies that when you have a romantic relationship, you should always set a clear label and believe people when they show you who they truly are and not make excuses for them. 

Jayda confessed that she actually already experienced being in something or having something that is not really clear. However, when she truly cares for and loves someone, she shows it and completely lets the person feel her genuine care.

Moving on to “M.U.”, the 18-year-old songstress shared that she actually got the inspiration to write the song from the conversation she had with her best friend, Huwag Kang Mangamba star Francine Diaz. They were talking about the things they want and don’t want in a relationship and when the topic of “M.U.” was brought up, Jayda said that it’s actually not ‘mutual understanding’ but ‘malabong usapan’. And right there and then, Jayda thought she could actually make a song about it because she knows many people could also relate to it. 

As for the music video, what Jayda thought was that the song actually teaches people to not settle for something that’s unsure and in that sense, she felt like she could incorporate a student-teacher setup for the music video. And since Francine is her bestie and the one who helped her come up with the idea of writing the song, she decided to have her and herself as the cast members. 



Some fans may not know it yet, but Jayda and Francine’s friendship started unexpectedly in 2019 when they coincidentally had the same flight together from San Francisco, USA. They were just talking to one another and having a fun conversation throughout that 13-hour trip and that’s when Jayda realized that Francine is a really genuine person.

Jayda then gamely responded to some of the fans’ assumptions about her. The first assumption about her was that she’s “marupok,” or someone easily gives in, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. She did not deny that she’s actually one and shared that she expressed it through a line in her song. However, she wants to imply the positive aspect of being “marupok” as not being afraid to love or take a risk at love. 

The next assumption about her was that she’s “englishera”, or someone who speaks in English most of the time. The phenomenal teen star did not deny it as well, and argued that it’s because she grew up in the USA. Meanwhile, when it comes to being “nice and funny to be with,” Jayda imparted that she seems to acquire the humor of her mom Jessa Zaragoza. 

One fan then asked if it’s possible for her to start acting and have a love team partner, she said that she’s ready to try it out and learn the craft more, especially now that she’s part of Star Magic and Rise Artists Studio. As for having a love team, she said that she’s open to that. 

The last assumption was that she is kind but has an ‘attitude,’ to which she replied that she understands that some people have perceptions like that about her, yet she’s ready to prove them wrong if she has the chance to talk with them or be with them. One of the most important things that her parents, especially her dad, is to treat everyone with respect, which she always applies in her life.

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You can now stream “M.U.” in all digital music platforms and watch its music video on Star Music’s official YouTube channel. Show your love and support to Jayda by not missing her first-ever major concert “Jayda in Concert” on June 26 via KTX.ph, iWanTTFC, and TFC IPTV!