Janella’s parenting dynamic with Jude

In the not-so-distant past, Janella Salvador was usually timid and hesitant to unleash her full potential. Not many people know that she was actually taken to audition for Goin Bulilit when she was six years old. However, she didn't make it as she was too shy to speak and perform.

But times have changed, and she has evolved into a woman brimming with confidence, ready to embrace her versatility as an artist.

With a fresh contract signed with ABS-CBN, the bold and beautiful Janella is poised to conquer a multifaceted career as a TV and film actress, recording artist, concert performer, and international star.

Her first agenda this 2024 is to revive her music career, which is a huge part of her DNA as the daughter of theater luminary Jenine Desiderio and rock vocalist Juan Miguel Salvador. She is gearing up to release new singles in the upcoming weeks, leading up to a concert scheduled for April. “I want to make it a point that my music doesn’t disappear, ‘cause it’s a part of me. It’s actually where I started,” said Janella, who learned how to sing at the tender age of three.

Following that, she'll be booked and busy yet again as filming resumes for her movie alongside Jane de Leon. The duo has already commenced shooting their dark comedy-thriller film "How To Be A Good Wife," helmed by Jun Lana, who also directed Janella's debut film, "Haunted Mansion."

Janella is aware of the loud clamor for her and Jane to star in a GL (girls' love) movie, a possibility she's enthusiastically open to. In fact, they were slated to work on a GL movie previously, but it did not push through, “Na-pitch na siya sa amin but there were little bumps along the way with approvals and all of that. We both said yes na pero hindi siya nag-move past that.” Now, both she and Jane are hoping they still get to do a GL project for all the DarLentina fans (their supporters since their roles as Darna and Valentina).

Another exciting addition to her acting repertoire is the movie “Under Parallel Skies”, a collaboration between the Philippines and Thailand. She takes the lead alongside popular Thai actor Win Metawin in this highly anticipated crossover film.

When asked about her experience working with Win in Hong Kong, where the majority of the scenes were shot, and in Thailand, where they attended acting workshops, Janella confessed that it felt awkward at first due to their shared introverted nature and cultural differences. However, the workshops helped in tapping into their chemistry. And despite being naturally reserved, she also took the initiative to break the ice between them.

But how was it once the filming wrapped up? “Tahimik pa rin pero hindi na awkward,” she laughed. Janella is delighted to discover Win's warm personality. She mentioned that the Thai actor was exceptionally kind, treating them to a Thai dinner and even bringing her Thai food when he noticed her curiosity about the cuisine.

Of their film, she promised there’ll be a lot of ‘kilig’, as well as scenes that will pinch viewers’ hearts.

Venturing into international collaborations expands her artistic horizons, but it also means she can't be with her son, Jude, 24/7 anymore. As a first-time mom, this is truly heartbreaking. However, it also enables her to uncover her inner strength and remain more focused on her goals.

I actually get so sad when I need to leave him, when I need to leave the country and leave him at home. I actually cry sometimes. But, iniisip ko na lang, I do everything for him now,” she reflected, adding that Jude is more ‘bibo’ than her when she was his age. Three-year-old Jude is not shy to express himself to others. And, true to his genes, he already shows his love for singing. Jude may follow in the footsteps of his parents and grandparents in showbiz. Regarding this, Janella mentioned that she would support him if he decides to enter showbiz, but only if it’s something he really wants to do.

Jude is now a bundle of energy, bringing Janella overwhelming feelings as a mother. She feels like she will never stop worrying about her son, especially now that he is extra active. But she also finds fulfilment and warmth witnessing his developmental milestones.

Watching her son grow up so fast, Janella is glad that she had the opportunity to fully cherish Jude's earliest months. As someone who values privacy, she thought it was crucial for her not to overly expose her child during his earliest developing months.

I really wanted to live a quiet life muna, which was really reasonable,” she said on why she opted for a private life after giving birth. “But I knew at the back of my head that I was determined to come back [to showbiz].

She is fortunate to have Markus Paterson, her ex-boyfriend, as a supportive co-parent. She mentioned that Markus is currently seeking temporary work in the UK, but whenever he's in the Philippines, he makes sure to spend quality time with their son. Additionally, she feels grateful for her mom, Jenine, who is a loving grandmother and sometimes looks after Jude when she has work obligations.

Janella is doing well riding the waves, navigating life’s ups and downs, and effortlessly juggling multiple responsibilities as an artist and a mom. Amidst it all, she finds joy in celebrating her growth, constantly striving for improvement in all aspects of her life.

Congratulations, Janella – a forever Kapamilya.