Jane De Leon admits that she is “boyish”

After her recent appearance on Maalaala Mo Kaya for the episode “Pangarap at Kamao,” it now comes as no surprise to Kapamilyas that Jane de Leon is the boyish type. In fact, being girly is something she has to practice. During her visit on Kapamiya Chat, the Kapamilya actress revealed that she once idolized her older brother and even wanted to be a professional wrestler. It was only when her mother started to enter her into beauty pageants that she discovered her girly side.

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This is only one of the many assumptions others have about Jane that she finally addressed in this Entertainment.ABS-CBN.com exclusive!

Being boyish is probably another reason why the “Darna” star is eager to take on action roles. “Mas gusto ko talaga ‘yung mga extreme,” she admitted. Aside from this, drama is her comfort zone. So, she wants to explore other genres like action.

Despite being a celebrity with many followers on social media, Jane does not mind going out in public without any makeup. Although, her mom does not approve, she feels confident to be seen bare faced. “Kaya kong lumabas nang walang ayos sa bahay,” she shared. Often times, people’s first assumptions about her is maarte or mataray. Jane assumes this is because of her features, especially when she has a blank expression. “Deep inside iniisip ko lang kung anong kakainin ko mamaya,” she explained.

She also talked about reading books, being the sweetest daughter and sister, and being courted. “Pag nakilala nyo ko magugulo buhay nyo,” she joked. So, make sure you check out this video and find out the truth about Jane de Leon.