Star Magic Artists New Year Resolutions

For many of us, the New Year is a time for beginnings, the time when we think about everything we want to achieve and manifest in the next 12 months.

In the recent episodes of Star Magic Inside News, our favorite artists welcome 2023 with a brand new set of wishes and resolutions.



Of course, number one on the list is happiness, not just for oneself but for friends and family as well. Bianca de Vera dreams of never-ending joy for her and her loved ones this 2023. 

Maris Racal is giving her heart more TLC and hopes it becomes more open to possibilities. She also looks forward to more blessings for herself and everyone around her.

Good health is also a priority for Francine Diaz, aside from more productivity. Elaine Duran’s biggest ‘sana’ this year of the Water Rabbit is about her dreams for herself and her loved ones.

JM Yosures is so selfless he passes on his wish to all single people out there. “Sana ngayong 2023, magka-jowa na kayong lahat.” Altogether now: Amen.

For the budgetarian Enchong Dee, the goal is to be more financially healthy this year. “Sana ngayong 2023, wala ako, wala ka, wala tayong lahat utang. Okay ba ‘yun para sa atin? Have a prosperous New Year for everyone,” he said.

The past year witnessed the world cloaked in chaos, which is why Rachel Alejandro yearns for a brighter and more peaceful future. “’Yung mga giyera kung saan-saan, especially the ones causing all the inflation. Hirap ang karamihan ng mga tao all over the world because of inflation, because of the war. So, what I’m hoping is that magkaroon na finally ng resolution ‘yan in 2023 para naman magkaroon ng relief ang mga tao,” she imparted. This also relates to her wish for a good fortune for her food business.

The Iron Heart actress Sue Ramirez has two major desires – first, more projects, second is happiness for everyone. “At the end of the day, bago tayo matulog, lahat tayo sa 2023 nakangiti tayong lahat.”

Speaking of ‘tulog,’ Alexa Ilacad’s resolution is to prioritize rest and good sleep this year. Meanwhile, the peace-loving KD Estrada prays “we’re all good together and we get along better.”



Every year, AC Bonifacio strives to be a better version of herself. The same goes for her fellow ASAP Natin ‘To star Angela Ken, who wants to improve in her craft.

The newly-minted tandem of Jayda Avanzado and Aljon Mendoza also shared their plans and wishes for 2023. Jayda is going for a healthier lifestyle and achieving her fitness goals so she'd be more confident with her body. Add to that, she vows to be a better artist and embrace many more experiences in life. Her leading man in the upcoming series Teen Clash sticks to his yearly mantra: “Mas sinisipagan ko para mas mag-improve at marami pang ma-achieve.” Talking about achievements, Aljon hinted that he and Jayda have so much in store for their fans, “Mas marami pang mangyayari sa amin and individually. Na-e-excite lang ako ngayon!”

Maymay Entrata hasn’t thought of her specific resolutions but she certainly wants to be a better person. Ivana Alawi carries the same wish from 2022 to 2023, which is for the pandemic to finally end and for us all to go back to normal.

In the second part of the video, the Star Magic artists were asked to complete the sentence “Sana ngayong 2023.” Jeremiah Lisbo revealed that his biggest ‘sana’ is to finish all his goals.

Kaori Oinuma commits to completing her bucket list and she hopes 2023 will bring new lessons and more happiness. JC Alcantara reveals his plan to resume his studies this year.

Magandang Buhay host Melai Cantiveros wishes everyone walks into 2023 with a stronger mindset, “Sana makayanan natin itong phase ng buhay natin ngayon na tumataas ang presyo. Makayanan at malampasan natin lahat. Sana dire-direcho na ma-survive natin ang pandemic.

Khimo Gumatay, Mutya Orquia, and Joao Constancia dream of happiness for us all.

DonBelle shared their New Year plans and wants as well. Belle imparted, “I hope I can travel more this
2023. I hope 2023 is just full of positivity and happiness not just for me but everyone.” As for Donny, he would like 2023 to be a year of learning and improvement in his craft.

Star Magic Inside News host Kaila Estrada likewise shared her goal to travel more this year.

What do you look forward to in 2023, Kapamilya?