Elisse Joson vs Michelle Vito: Who will win in this prank call battle?

Celebrities are getting more in love with pulling pranks on each other. While their little acts of mischief might sound offensive to some, it’s kind of fun to see these glamorous stars fall victim to their colleagues’ jokes and reveal their quirks in those unfiltered moments. The hilarity doubles when one of them decides to take revenge, like what happened in these videos.


In the August 5 livestreaming of Kapamilya Chat, Elisse Joson called her best friend Michelle Vito to ask for a big favor. Elisse acted troubled with the intense online bashing after joining the ABS-CBN street protest. She said the situation is starting to get worse leading to a cancelled guesting.  So, to save her face, she would like Michelle to ‘tweet’ in her defense.



The victim fell for the drama in the middle of an intense Mobile Legends session. Michelle dropped the game, let her character die (hardcore gamers know this equates to a serious sacrifice), and tweeted a statement vindicating her friend. She checked out Elisse’s reply and that was when the prank was revealed.


For the sake of fun, Michelle declared payback time in another Kapamilya Chat interview last August 12. The avenger plotted a scenario in where she would sound like wanting to run away from home after a heated argument with her mother. The root of their conflict would have to be her mom forbidding her to go out. Michelle pretended running to Elisse for refuge.



The dependable BFF was willing to take Michelle in, even for a year. In the middle of the conversation, however, Elisse had an inkling of what’s going on.


Besides hilarious, these crazy antics turned out sweet as the besties prove they always have each other’s back. In the most trying times especially amidst this pandemic, Elisse and Michelle know they would always have someone to run to and, that, is not a prank.