Star Magic Beaver-Mutya Promposal 2024

Turning 18 this May, Mutya Orquia wishes for this new chapter in her real life to unfold by letting her sense of freedom shine through. Thus, she believes it will make her feel more independent and braver if she can walk the Star Magical Prom carpet solo.

Beaver Magtalas, her date from last year's prom, is well aware of her wish. However, he couldn't resist the chance to take a risk and "prompose" to her again for the 2nd Star Magical Prom, ready to accept whatever her answer may be.

Moment of truth. During the press conference for their romantic comedy movie "When Magic Hurts," one reporter asked if they would still be each other's date for this year's prom, to which Mutya replied that she intends to go without a partner this time.

This made Beaver even more nervous. However, he realized that he’s not getting an answer unless he takes the risk. Mutya was then asked to sit on a chair in front of the LED screen for a special video. The VTR rolled, showing Beaver speaking directly to the camera, "Sabi nila love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own. Tama sila kasi I can’t tell you how many times na pumasok sa utak ko na sabihin sa’yo kung ano ba talaga ‘yung nangyayari para hindi ka na magtampo,” he said, subtly hinting that Mutya might have felt neglected due to his recent busyness.

The clip also shows Mutya coming home one night, surprised to find flowers and a pair of shoes from an unknown sender. The hidden camera captured her reaction as she expressed her uncertainty about the sender's identity, but she speculated that it might be related to the upcoming promposal season among Star Magic artists.

A man dressed as a herald entered the presscon’s venue and announced the arrival of Prince Beaver, who then faced Mutya, saying, “Pre, like you said earlier, alam ko talaga na you want to go to the prom by yourself. Well, I still want you to go to the prom by yourself pero I can’t just stand here without asking you the same question I asked a year ago.”

“I’m fine with both answers.,” he assured Mutya after inviting her to try on the shoes, as if this were a scene from a fairytale.

Although Mutya was surprised and despite her plans to attend the prom alone, she greatly appreciated Beaver’s effort, so much so that her heart seemed to be telling her, “Yes.”

Of course, Beaver was relieved when Mutya accepted his promposal. And as if his effort wasn’t enough to demonstrate how much he values her, Beaver further proved the level of respect he has for Mutya when he announced his request for her to walk the red carpet solo as she wishes, with him cheering for her from behind.

“There’s one thing I want her to realize, that you don’t have to be alone to be independent. You can always have someone there na when you need, you can call, I want to be that person,” he later said.

Watch out for Beaver and Mutya in the Star Magical Prom 2024 this March 14!