Star Magic artists do their own Quaranthings!

The coronavirus pandemic has put our usual grinds on hold. Except for the heroic frontliners braving the danger for our own safety, we are all stuck at home, just like everyone else in the world. And while life may have slowed down a bit, we can always look around and do something productive like how our favorite Star Magic artists are keeping up with the quarantine period.

The Star Magic roster of child stars swaps their gadgets for house cleaning kits. Goin Bulilit’s Chunsa Jung demonstrates the proper way of disinfecting surfaces and displayed items in the family’s living room. Angelica Rama who portrayed the role of young Emma in The Killer Bride sprinkles cuteness in the kitchen as a little assistant chef to her mom. Marco Masa and Louise Abuel do the guy thing – car washing! Certified dog lovers like Nang Ngumiti ang Langit girls, Sophia Reola and Krystal Mejes, take their sweet time bathing their fluffy friends. Jordan Lim looks too adorable while grooming his pet dog as well.  

While on an LDR set-up with his love team partner, Edward Barber is proud to announce that he finally cleaned and decluttered his bedroom, saying his closest friends know how much he’s been making excuses to accomplish the task. Plus, he keeps himself busy by working out.

With idle hands and tons of spare time, some celebs get creative with arts and crafts. AC Bonifacio fights the boredom with paintbrushes and splatters of colors. Others boast their drawing and slime-making skills as well. Comedian Eric Nicolas takes pride in the wide array of crops in his home garden such as tomatoes, calamansi, squash, string beans, okra, and ampalaya.

Looking at the silverlining amidst the widespread pandemic, artists take the lockdown period as an opportunity to catch up with their families and loved ones. Banana Sundae mainstay Jayson Gainza makes lasting memories with son as he takes on his daddy duties. Nothing beats home for Pinoy Big Brother ex-housemate Vivoree Esclito as she bonds with her family in Bohol while couple Paul Jake Castillo and Kaye Abad pass time in their house in Cebu City.

Multi-talented celebrities use the season to give their followers easy and practical tutorials related to their other niches. Miles away from his family in Cavite, DJ Jai Ho reveals the secrets and steps in preparing a savory monggo dish. After receiving inquiries on making breads, Momshie Nikki Valdez, also a baker by profession, makes good use of her time by teaching netizens her “No Yeast Dinner Rolls” recipe. It has easy-to-follow procedures and requires few ingredients, perfect for the days when the local supermarkets run out of stocks. The athletic Pacquiao family remains sporty and active even in the comfort of their own home. Jimuel takes on a sparring session with his champion dad, Senator Manny Pacquiao, while his mom, Jinkee, cheers on him.