Andrea surprises her two helpers

Entering the world of showbiz at a young age is not always easy. Throughout her career, Andrea Brillantes has openly acknowledged the toll it can take, hence the need to be surrounded by trustworthy people.

That’s why she is fortunate to have developed a strong family-like bond with her nannies and household helpers. Their housekeepers have been there for them since she and her siblings were kids, so they have essentially become family to them. It’s no surprise that even the daughter of one of their longest-serving yayas has also decided to work for them.

In turn, Andrea has her own way of assisting them to reach their goals. The young superstar recently surprised two of their most loyal helpers with brand new motorcycles, as seen in a vlog on her YouTube channel.

In the video, Andrea, with the help of her mom and sister Kayla, is seen purchasing brand new motorcycles for Ryza, the daughter of Ate Irna, who has cared for her since she was four years old, and Ate Sabel, who has been part of their household since she was six. This decision came about after she discovered that Ryza had been saving up for a new motorcycle while Ate Sabel had approached Kayla for assistance with her plan to secure a motorcycle loan.

Andrea hopes this somehow alleviates their worries, particularly enabling Ryza to focus more on saving for her tuition fees.

She decided to document the surprise in a vlog so they would have a cherished memory to revisit in the future, and to remind her followers that helpers deserve to be treated with love, kindness, and care too.

During the big reveal, Andrea enlisted her driver and sister’s help. They pretended they couldn’t leave due to a motorcycle blocking their car outside the house. Andrea, acting flustered about running late for work, watched as Ryza quickly sprang into action, asking about the motorcycle’s owner and, at one point, was ready to move it herself. Andrea then said that there was no need to move the motorcycle or find its owner because Ryza is the owner.

Ryza and her mother, Ate Irna, were moved to tears. “Paano namin mababayaran sa’yo ‘to, Blythe?” Ate Irna reacted, to which Andrea replied, “Bigay nga.” Meanwhile, Ate Sabel remained noticeably quiet and ‘jealous,’ just as Andrea had hoped she would feel before receiving her own motorcycle the following day. The next morning, while on her way to work, Andrea observed that Ate Sabel was still distant. It turns out that she had sent Andrea a lengthy message expressing her feelings of hurt and as only Ryza had received a motorcycle while she also wanted one.

On that day, Andrea and her team left home early to make a stop at the motorcycle store before heading to work. They hatched a prank on Ate Sabel, making her believe they were there to complete the documents for Ryza's motorcycle. Pretending to film the process for her vlog, Andrea called Ate Sabel over and asked for her help in filling out the forms. Then, she revealed that Ate Sabel must be the one to fill out the form since it was for her motorcycle anyway.

I hope I made someone smile today,” Andrea concludes her vlog. Indeed, she succeeded in bringing happiness to her family’s beloved helpers, and also in bringing smiles to her followers through her inspiring generosity.