Alexa Ilacad Slay First Cover Girl

Alexa Ilacad is empowering girls and women alike to embrace their insecurities as she graces the cover of “Slay,” the digital video magazine of ABS-CBN's talent management arm Star Magic.

"It inspires me so much that it makes me want to inspire others as well and be a voice to all the women out there and keep empowering everyone," said Alexa, the first “Slay” cover girl.

"I believe that it's time for me. I'm still on the path of loving my body, and I'm taking this as a challenge. I'm doing this for myself to maybe embrace my flaws and everything," she added.



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According to Star Magic, "Slay," is a digital video magazine dedicated to women empowerment.  It is introduced as “a platform where women get to empower other women and where they can share their stories of inspiration to their fellow Filipinas."

Alexa said she is aware that “Slay” highlights sexiness but she emphasized that the word has different meanings and interpretations.


Alexa Ilacad Slay First Cover Girl


"Sexy doesn't have to be showing off your skin. It's your attitude. It's how you present yourself," she said.
"I'm so nervous but at the same time very excited about this. It's a dream come true. I know this is going to be sexy, but our real goal is to celebrate ourselves, women. Just keep doing you and continue to slay," Alexa said.
"Slay" will be streamed on Star Magic's YouTube account. Viewers should also watch out for the other women who would join Alexa in the digital magazine, and how they would also be a part of the project.