Spotlight on Daniel Padilla



Aside from dogs and distinct fashion pieces, Daniel is also an avid fan of superheroes specifically Batman, Superman and the Joker, which led him to collect life-size statues of them.

But if there is one thing that the Teen King does not get tired of doing, it would have to be playing basketball. His passion for basketball got him into several Star Magic Basketball Tours local and overseas as well as meeting his favorite NBA star Stephen Curry.


According to Tito Dho, being the quiet type, Daniel keeps his circle of friends small and constant. In the industry, whenever he was not with his Teen Queen, with whom he shares most of his successes with, Daniel was with his male pals.

One of his closest pals his co-Star Magic star @patsugui.

Though they came to know each other long before they were in showbiz it was the industry and being under the same talent agency that brought them closer together.

According to Patrick, he and Daniel share the same interest for quiet moments at home, music and sports.

But what was rather interesting was how Patricks relationship with Daniel seemed to mirror all the projects that they took on together. Patrick has played the role of Daniels characters bestfriend starting from Princess and I, to Sisterakas, to Got to Believe and to Pangako SaYo.

Patrick and Daniel also share the same love for spontaneity in terms of planning out-of-town and even doing sudden beach trips. What further made them fall under #squadgoals was how they often travel with their other friends and ladyloves Kathryn and her best friend Arisse de Santos.


Many were irked by Diego Loyzagas character on Pangako Sa'yo and how he came between Kathryn and Daniel. But, in real life, its almost impossible to happen.

Daniel and Diegos friendship dates back from when the latter first appeared on Gandang Gabi Vice together with the Teen King.

From then on the two started a good friendship, which tightened further, as they both became part of Growing Up. Since then they have kept close ties, which involved basketball tournaments and international trips together.

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