Spotlight on Daniel Padilla


While many know him as the protective Teen King to Kathryn whenever she is wearing revealing clothes, just like what the viral video showed, Daniel is actually consistent in terms of his protectiveness even to his sisters Magui, 14 and Lelay, 10.


According to Magui, his Kuya may seem a little tough on the outside but in reality, she says that the Teen King actually has a soft spot for their family. She adds that simple things actually make him happy especially after long and draining working days away from home.

But even though Daniel is restless, once he comes home he makes sure to spend time with his two favorite girls.


While it is true that being in the business brings about so many good things in life, like fortune and fame, for Daniel and his sisters, all those things simply cannot replace or buy all the moments that they should have spent together but were not able to because of the Teen King’s work.


As part of show business, it is almost impossible not to meet and work with many kinds of people not only on cam but also off cam.

One person who has literally helped Daniel look his best for the last five years as his hair and make up artist was Ryan Ko.

According to Ryan, the first time that he was tapped to groom Daniel still remains vivid in his head. Daniel was quiet and he was turning stiff as Ryan styled his hair. Now, many years, endorsement, soap and movie shoots, out-of-towns, and out-of-the-country trips later, Ryan, like Tito Dho, remain to be the subjects of Daniel’s pangungulit.

But Ryan doesn’t mind because that pangungulit for him and for many is Daniel’s way of showing that he is at ease with the person. After all, they have been through a lot together over the years. Yet Daniel’s character, according to him, has remained the same. He never forgot to give back to those who have been with him since the beginning.

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