Spotlight on Darren Espanto, Part 5


As early as 2-years-old, Darren was already singing Disney tunes according to his Daddy Lyndon.

Now, many years later, we thought it would be a good tribute to where he started for him to sing a few famous lines from the beloved Disney films that he grew up with. Hence the Disney Challenge. | @darrenespanto1


With almost 20 concerts in two years, surely Darren has sung pretty much every song that his generation probably knows. But then again, those shows were rehearsed. In order to add a twist to the third and final challenge, we had Darren randomly picking songs from a jar.

With only a song and lyrics to work on and no amount of time to rehearse, Darren was able to successfully finish the Pick-A-Song Challenge. | @darrenespanto1

It’s always interesting to know what singers listen to or what songs get them into the groove. Instead of raiding his playlist, Darren let us into it by singing the tunes that get him through certain moods.

Like when he is feeling sad or feeling perky happy. Since he is set to go back to school this July, Darren also shared a few tunes to get the school year started. Lastly, he also revealed which songs get him relaxing after a busy day of shows and gigs. | @darrenespanto1

Contrary to misconceptions, celebrities are really not as stiff as they seem on TV. In fact, behind every serious interview and spot on performances are outtakes and bloopers that do not often make it oncam.

For the first time on Spotlight, we’re letting you in to a few fun scenes that did not make it oncam with D Total Performer which practically shows how much fun a person he really is. | @darrenespanto1 @iammajasalvador @jedmadelaofficial @iminigopascual @ylonagarcia

It’s only few more days before Darren’s much-awaited D Total Experience concert at the KIA Theater on June 25!

Make sure to grab your tickets at Ticketnet for you to see a different Darren in a more intimate setting.

Enjoy a night with Darren together with his guests Jed Madela, Ylona Garcia, Maja Salvador and Iñigo Pascual. | @darrenespanto1

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