Spotlight on Darren Espanto, Part 3


Certain teens his age and on his shoes might have already been blinded by all the fame that Darren is currently basking on.

But not for Darren. The slim and innocent young man remains “normal” by engaging on simple stuff offcam.

If he was not editing photos and videos or watching movies, Darren is talking or spending time with his friends in the business namely Mavy Legaspi, Cassie Legaspi and Andrea Brillantes. He is also friends with singer Iñigo Pascual and actess Sofia Andres.

As a son, he is “a little stubborn” according to his Daddy Lyndon. But being in the business doesn’t mean that he’s exempted from whatever trouble that he could get.

If anything, Daddy Lyndon says that Darren still gets “reminders” from them via text or calls no matter what their time difference is.

As a brother to his only sister Lynelle, Daddy Lyndon says, Darren, as with typical teens, is the bully type. He finds joy in making Lynelle cry. But he was nevertheless quite expressive in letting his sister know that he is very fond of her. | @darrenespanto1 @andreabrillantes @iminigopascual @iamsofiaandres


Another aspect that is making Darren humble is his fans.

Darren’s fans, known as Darrenatics, have been with him since the get go.

Not for anything else, but Darren admits that he is very happy that his fan base are growing because according to him they are his “family” here in the Philippines.

So how does he interact with his fans? “Sa social media, minsan nakikipagkulitan ako on Twitter, and then, I like to see them at my show, yung mall shows, kaya po minsan bumababa po ako. And, sometimes, I just do random things on stage na wala sa line-up,” he said. | @darrenespanto1

Amid his humility, Darren is definitely on a league of his own as a young performer. But just how popular is he today?

Here’s a quick glance of Darren Espanto by the number. | @darrenespanto1

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