Spotlight on Darren Espanto, Part 2


Treading the similar paths of past runners-up, Darren still seemingly emerged as a winner as he was invited to a number of shows and events, in and outside of the country.

Yet ironically, amid the amount of trending topics that his solid supporters had made, the packed mall shows that he graced and the top-selling album that he released, Darren has yet to wrap his head around all the glitz and glamour of the industry.

In retrospect though, how did he know that he was already popular?

Darren interestingly admitted that he was only able to feel that the public knew who he was when the demand for him to be outside of their home spiked due to various shows, gigs and projects. | @darrenespanto1


As he hopped from one show to another, Darren’s performances sharpened and improved which eventually earned him the local title “D Total Performer.” In fact, he was also able to catch the eye of international stars like Nicki Minaj, who even took to her Twitter account to praise Darren.

Seemingly taking on from the footsteps of his musical influences Gary V., Martin Nievera, Jed Madela, Michael Jackson and the others, Darren showcased just how versatile he was as a performer as he also delved into dancing. “For me, mahiyain po ako before stepping onstage tapos biglang pag kakanta na po ako, I’m very hyper and I feel so energetic, so parang ibang tao po talaga ako pag nasa stage,” he said.

Following the pattern of how he honed his singing skills, Darren also enhanced his dancing skills by learning on his own. However, contrary to misconceptions, Darren’s dancing was not actually something that just came out of nowhere. | @darrenespanto1

After he was able to master his dancing, Darren took on the next challenge in his career—that of releasing ha debut album.

It happened for Darren months after The Voice Kids finals night. Fans used to say that Darren has set the bar higher for his “batch mates” in the show by being the first one to release his debut album titled “Darren.” What rather made his album special was how it showcased hits done by veteran composers such as In Love Ako Sayo by Vehnee Saturno.

In sum, according to Darren, the playful first album essentially had his “pre-teen sound” which is just all about fun. However, he added, that the album did have some sad songs. Quite unsurprisingly, Darren’s album reached gold status (7,500 copies sold) after three months of being in the record stores, according to Philippine Association of the Record Industry.

Five months later, PARI noted that the album reached platinum status, meaning it has sold 15,000 copies.

But did he expect his debut album to be an immense hit? | @darrenespanto1

For someone as young as he was, Darren was able to stage sold out concerts both in and outside the country. But, of those many shows, the ones that stood out, according to Darren were the “first ones” or those, which had him breaking his own record in terms of ticket sales and reception.

There was his first major solo concert at the Music Museum titled The Total Performance Concert. Then there was his birthday concert at the SM Mall of Asia Arena titled Darren Espanto: D' Birthday Concert. | @darrenespanto1

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