Spotlight on Enchong Dee

Being in the business for a decade, Enchong says, has made him see milestones, failures, ups and downs like the rest of the other stars.

Instead of being disheartened by them, Enchong took all of them—both the good and the bad—positively.
In turn, this attitude made his fire for being a performer burn even brighter.
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As fans loved their onscreen chemistry EnRich, in real life, the two somehow had a tough time being off cam friends. Enchong, in previous reports, even admitted that there was a point wherein they were always on each other’s backs.

But the two were able to transcend their past petty disagreements and they became real, off cam friends who can actually count on each other.

In fact, Erich even describes Enchong as a “loyal” and “trustworthy” friend.
Of the many years and projects that they did together, Erich counts their recent Japan work trip as the most memorable as it was the first (and probably the last) time when Enchong paid for their fancy dinner.
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Aside from Erich, Enchong also gained friends while working on soaps, projects, and while hosting and being on ASAP.

Among his closest friends in the business are Sam Milby, Maja Salvador, Gerald Anderson, Bea Alonzo, Rayver Cruz, Shaina Magdayao and Kim Chiu.

If there’s one common description that they continuously and consistently give about Enchong it was the fact that he is always hungry and that he is a certified kuripot.

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It only takes a few second to browse on his Instgram account to learn that Enchong’s favorite travel buddy (and vice versa) is box office queen and his dear friend Bea Alonzo.

The two were first spotted together on the fashion soap Magkaribal. But what many do not know is that was not the time when they first met each other.

Bea recalled that she first met Enchong while he was making an MMK episode with Zanjoe Marudo in 2006.

Since he was the shy type, Bea says they never really had the chance to talk. However, their friendship started blossoming on the set of Magkaribal where they play the role of best friends. Eventually the two just hit it off.

Other than eating, Bea and Enchong share the same love for traveling. In fact, Bea even describes him as the “best travel buddy” because, according to her, he does not mind taking photos of her nonstop during their trips.

Meanwhile, since Bea describes him as “genuine” and “caring” it was not exactly surprising when she singled out an interesting lesson that she learned from Enchong—that is to have utter love for your family.
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