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In a business where most stars are working hard towards proving their versatility, Enchong Dee sits in the middle and manages to do everything on his own pace and in his own terms. This weekend, Enchong opens up how he juggles hosting, singing, dancing, acting and managing his own business without drawing too much attention to him or his low-key family. | @mr_enchongdee ‪#‎TatakStarMagic‬

For Tess and Sonny Dee, describing their son Ernest Lorenzo Dee or simply Enchong Dee was a no brainer. 

He was the family’s focused and fearless big-dreamer.

Much of these traits have been apparent with Enchong from when he was still young and while they were still living in Naga.

Before he came to be part of the glitz and glamor, Enchong was first a swimmer.
He, however, does not consider swimming as his “personal choice.” Enchong narrates that his parents asked him to try swimming after the success of the first swimmer in the Dee family, his older brother AJ.
It was only after two years when he came to appreciate the sport for what it was primarily because it allows him to travel and meet new friends.

As time went by, Enchong’s love for swimming earned him a slot at the swimming team of his school, the Naga Hope Christian School. After showing exemplary skills, Enchong was tapped to be part of the national swimming team, which paved the way for him to get an opportunity to compete in international swimming events such as the Southeast Asian Games.

With a track record worthy of boasting, several universities in and outside Naga started noticing his talent as early as his sophomore year in high school.

But Enchong did not even have to think twice of moving to Manila when the De La Salle University Manila gave him an offer. After all, it was the school he once dreamt of being part of during the many days that he was competing at the nearby Rizal Memorial Stadium.

Good thing though was that his Daddy Sonny also got a Manila-based job, which made relocating as a family easier for the Dees.

After years of effectively juggling academics and hisextra-curricular activity, Enchong earned his political science degree from DLSU.

But even though his eyes were all set into becoming an Olympian, Enchong has always had the performer in him.
| @mr_enchongdee

Unlike many teens his age, at that time, Enchong neither wanted nor imagined to be famous.
And so when he got into the business, a few years after his Kuya AJ, he was very resistant to the “system” that is filled with long working hours and loads of controversies.

Despite that obvious reluctance, Enchong knew right from the get go that he wanted to become a millionaire. That idea, in a way, helped him push through with the first two years of being in the business.
All his “problems” and “concerns” of the business though started dissipating on his third year in showbiz.
Enchong admitted that he suddenly realized that all his issues with show business were actually not exclusive to it. If anything, even other people from different industries suffer from the same dilemma.
What obviously changed was not the situation but Enchong’s perspective. Then he eventually came to appreciate how the “system” was slowly honing him to become a strong person and to develop that necessary passion for the job in order to survive in the business.
| @mr_enchongdee

After discovering his passion for performing, success then followed suit. The originally invisible heartthrob enjoyed projects after projects.

He became part of a number of notable anthologies like Komiks Presents, Star Magic Presents and Your Song Presents. He also became part of full-fledged soaps like My Girl, Magkaribal, Tayong Dalawa, Ina Kapatid Anak, Muling Buksan ang Puso and Nathaniel.

Even if he was paired with a number of other leading ladies, Enchong became part of a love team known as EnRich together with Erich Gonzales.

Their tandem got them starring on a number of soaps and movies together. Among them were Katorse, Tanging Yaman, and Maria la del Barrio. EnRich also ventured into the big screen with I Do, Once A Princess and Indie film Paano Ko Sasabihin.

Apart from being part of a love team, Enchong also branched out into hosting and dancing. Eventually he was introduced as part of ASAP’s Giggerboys in 2011 together with Enrique Gil, Sam Concepcion, Aaron Villaflor, and Robi Domingo. The group even starred on their own Your Song Presents episode titled Boystown.

Enchong also became part of a number of other films like Best Friends Forever, The Reunion, The Strangers, Sayo Lamang, Four Sisters and a Wedding, Tuhog, Call Center Girl and more recently, the indie film Lila.

But what for him are the highlights of his 10-year career?

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Interestingly though, despite being tagged as kuripot, Enchong is very much all out when it comes to satisfying his itchy feet.

As a photography enthusiast, Enchong could not be any happier that his career allows him to visit many beautiful places.

Despite this, Enchong says he still has new countries on his travel list. Among them were Egypt, Greece, Mexico, Amazon and Iceland.

| @mr_enchongdee

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