84 Questions with Heaven Peralejo

Heaven Peralejo is one big dreamer who’s out to tick off things from her bucketlist and experience new things at the same time. That said, we asked her to draw her goals and dreams, but with a certain twist through this Opposite Hand Challenge! 

In a classic play to her name, we’ve asked Heaven to play the “Heaven Knows Challenge” wherein she has to know and enumerate the answers to our questions.

Would you believe that Heaven was initially hesitant to start her own vlog? But soon as she got the hang of it, Heaven unabashedly confessed that she loved it so much because it didn’t only unleash her creative side, it also allowed her to collaborate with her friends. 

Make no mistake though, Heaven has a bunch of talent to share to her subscribers starting off with her heavenly singing voice, which we’re lucky enough to hear live!

Those who are familiar with Heaven though would probably best recall her as part of various Ipaglaban Mo and Maalaala Mo Kaya episodes. It was through these shows where she also gained other friends, as well as in ASAP.  So the question is, how is Heaven like as a friend?

One of the biggest dreams that Heaven is bound to fulfill real soon is headlining her first title film called “The Mirror.” What makes the project even more spectacular is the fact that she would be playing the role of twins on the said horror flick. Joining her on the film are two promising young stars in the person of McCoy de Leon and Yves Flores. According to Heaven she has already bonded with the two and is now very much excited to work with them on cam.