Spotlight on Daniel Padilla

During the recently concluded, advanced 21st birthday parties organized by his fans, Daniel got a little too serious than usual when he thanked his followers for their unwavering support.

Whether it came with his new and supposedly mature age or not, Daniel isn't certain. But, according to the Teen King, his "hugot" about his fans and life in general stems from the fact that he now has a clearer perspective of things.

Of late, reports of Daniel wanting to study again has gotten a lot of his followers buzzing and excited especially after he noted that he wanted to take up Philosophy or Psychology.

But what many do not know is that someone really close to him--with whom many are familiar with--actually got Daniel interested about the importance of learning and upgrading one's pool of knowledge every now and then.

With his coming of age came a more mature and driven Daniel that seemingly has everything sorted out in his head right this moment.

Of course, his continuously thriving career holds the top rank in the list of his priorities for this year and in the years ahead.

And as the type of person who keeps his eyes on the goal, how Daniel would evolve in the next few years as part of the business is really something to look forward to--especially since he is expected to have mountains of experience and knowledge by then.

Despite his utter love for privacy, since he is turning 21 on the 26th, it would only be apt to have the Teen King receive a Royal Greeting from the dearest people in his life.

The things that are happening in his life right now are very much aligned to what he was aiming to accomplish.

Simply put, he was, as early as now, working towards that certain goal of honing his craft.

The opportune moment came a few weeks ago when Daniel, along with Kathryn, were announced to be headlining their third title film together. Their fans can expect nothing short of perfection especially since it was award-winning director Olivia Lamasan who would be helming the film, whose 80% will be shot in Spain.

Daniel shared that he and his constant onscreen partner are already gearing up for their flight to Spain end of next month by taking some Spanish lessons.

On top of his big screen return with the Teen Queen, Daniel would be pushing the envelope again this year as he continues his annual spectacle for his fans.

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