Spotlight on Jodi Sta Maria

She was a star whose career took a shockingly positive turn at a time she least expected. But, even though Jodi Sta. Maria’s leading lady status came a little later, it nevertheless made a huge impact in the business as she became instrumental in breaking records and norms on local TV.

This weekend, Jodi revisits how Maya dela Rosa, the character she initially did not want to portray, humbled her and brought her into the spotlight that she is currently basking on. | @jodistamaria

It took almost a decade and a half or 14 years to be exact before Jodi Chrissie Sta. Maria or simply Jodi Sta. Maria got the breakthrough role that turned everything around for her.

The year was 2012 when Jodi learned of the role of Maya dela Rosa, a flight-attendant-wannabe who was forced to take on the role of a yaya to finance achieving her dream.

Of the many roles that she took, it was her natural portrayal of sunny Maya that made her into a household name and the leading lady that she is today.

The experimental project featuring a fresh love team reshaped the face of daytime drama by breaking barriers and by setting record-breaking ratings.

For a daytime soap, the show managed to come at par with a primetime show in terms of its ratings. Be Careful with My Heart’s highest recorded rating was 31.3%, which was during the show’s June 2013 episode.

Originally, Jodi says that the show was only envisioned to run for only three months.

But the audience’s warm reception of Maya, left Jodi, as well as the other cast members and the management in awe that it dominated on its timeslot not only for three months but for two years and four months.

But just like most successful moments, no one ever imagined that Be Careful With My Heart would end up as big as it did.

In fact, Jodi openly admitted that she initially did not want to accept the role of Maya dela Rosa.

Be Careful With My Heart’s TV success led to one after the other and even branched off cam.

On a personal level, the show paved the way for Jodi to become known in almost every corner of the nation.

As a whole, the show’s success made it possible for the cast including Jerome Ponce, Janella Salvador, Mutya Orquia, Marlo Mortel, Aiza Seguerra, Sylvia Sanchez, Richard Yap and JM Ibañez to branch into other areas as they held on the title of being the “Best Loved Daytime Serye.”

Jodi could even recall how endorsements and other projects poured in for all the cast members.

In the music scene, the cast all contributed to the Be Careful With My Heart: The Album, which turned gold and then platinum in just two weeks. When the show reached the part when Maya had her twin babies, the show released another album titled Be Careful with My Heart (The Lullaby Abum).

Another huge achievement of the show was when the cast conquered the Big Dome with the soldout I Heart You 2: Be Careful With My Heart Anniversary Thanksgiving Concert in July 2014.

Since the show’s following also spread abroad, world tours in the US, Middle East, Europe and Asia also followed suit.

Not only that, the show also managed to have its own DVD and an international nomination as Best Telenovela Finalist in the 2013 New York Festivals Television and Film Awards.

All these, according to, Jodi, was something that was beyond what she and her leading man Richard Yap also known as Sir Chief imagined for the show.

But aside from its lighthearted theme and funny cast, another aspect that got the viewers really following the show was Jodi’s partnership with a new star in the person of Richard Yap.

Together, the two reshaped how love teams—which were then mostly dominated by young partners--were viewed in the entertainment scene.

Although having an onscreen partner was nothing new for Jodi, the birth of JoChard was an altogether matter that she never saw coming.

Even though they are a “mature” tandem, their initially love-hate relationship caught the eyes of various audiences from all walks of life. As such, their tandem eventually gained a strong following not only here but also even overseas.

Jodi Sta. Maria
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