Spotlight on Gerald Part 2

Born to an American military father and Filipina mother, Gerald Randolph Anderson, Jr. moved a lot growing up. He was 3 when they went to live in San Antonio, Texas and 6 when they moved to Springfield, Missouri. Eight years later, they decided to return to the Philippines. When he was 16, Joross, who was then on a provincial tour in General Santos spotted Gerald. He saw a potential in him and introduced him to his manager, Jun Reyes.

Gerald auditioned to be a housemate for the first ever PBB Teen edition and got in. There he met several challenges and new friends including Kim, who would later become his love team. He finished strong as the 3rd Big Winner of 1st PBB Teen edition. Little did he know that this is just the beginning if his career in show business.

The team-up Kim and Gerlad, fondly called KimErald, started at the Big Brother House gaining fandoms all over the world. Kimerald were soon given a teleserye entitled Sana Maulit Muli, which Gerald considers to be one of his hardest challenges in showbiz. They were also cast in Aalog-Alog and Lovespell and were part of Star Cinema's, First Day High. Later they starred in I've Fallen For You, a movie that highlighted their love team. Still heavily followed, Kimerald did My Girl, and toured US and Europe for Filipino shows. They also starred in Tayong Dalawa, another important project for Gerald. In 2010, they did two movies, Paano Na Kaya and Till My Heartaches End, the last project they had before breaking up.

Gerald struggled in Tagalog in Sana'y Maulit Muli, amongst other things, but this first show gave him invaluable lessons in stretching himself to learn more and become a better actor. Another key project for Gerald was Tayong Dalawa for he may not have fulfilled his dreams of entering the military, but he gets to feel how its like. But the most memorable project of Gerald may be Budoy, where he portrays a mentally challenged boy with a heart of gold. Gerald says what he loves about Budoy is it promotes positive family values. Later on, he tried his hands on action in Buhawi Jack where he was dubbed as The Action Drama Prince.

On the set of Nathaniel, Gerald, naturally fond of kids became close to Marco Masa, who plays Nathaniel and Yesha Camille who plays Abi and readily became their Kuya, spoiling them with gifts and helping them with scenes and script. His real brother Ken, reveals that Gerald was at first against the idea of him entering showbiz to shelter him away from the negative side of the business. Now, Ken shares that Gerald is his first go to person when he needs help with scripts and tackling roles.

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