Spotlight on Gerald

Everybody's talking about Star Cinema's post-Valentine presentation, Always Be My Maybe. The film stars Gerald Anderson and Arci Muñoz in a romance-comedy so honest viewers can't help but relate and come watching again. Find out what the buzz is about in cinemas near you.

Gerald and Arci collaborated with Direk Dan and the writers of the movie by putting in their own ideas and sharing relationship experiences. The result is a funny, yet genuine film that shows how it is in non committal relationships.

Always Be My Maybe premiered February 23 headed by lead stars Gerald Anderson and Arci Muñoz with film director, Mr. Dan Villegas. Fans flocked the cinemas together with ABS-CBN executives and good friends from the industry. The cast were pleased to hear the audience's wild applause after tge screening -- a good barometer of how the movie will be received by the public the next day. True enough, the first day closed at 8M.

Always Be My Maybe has now given birth to #Gerci -- a label viewers came up with after combining name names of Gerald and Arci. The two have incredible chemistry and positive reviews are coming in steadily as more and more people are getting hooked with the movie.

Feel good and fall in love with the latest romance comedy film from Star Cinema, Always be My Maybe. Get to know why people are talking about it! Head to the nearest cinema and bring your friends. Always Be My Maybe is rated B, by the Cinema Evaluation board, its classified PG and currently has a 4.5 critic's rating from Click the City.

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