69 Questions with Loisa Andalio

On Star Magic Spotlight, Loisa Andalio answers 69 questions! 

What are the things that Loisa can’t live without? How about her favorite fashion piece and her ultimate dieting tip? How about the things that she wants to accomplish this year? 

They say a photo speaks a thousands words and since Loisa is one who keeps a lot on her social media accounts, we’ve picked some of the most special ones for her to elaborate on. 

Loisa is one candid artist and one thing that she’s very honest about is the fact that she’s not that good in English. Nevertheless, she gamely took on our Tongue Twister Challenge and we couldn’t be any prouder of her efforts!

Loisa has always been game with anything, which is why we’ve come up with the random bunot challenge wherein she could possibly get questions or challenges. And we know for a fact that Loisa’s one lady who enjoys putting on makeup. That said, we also asked her to take on the Two-Minute Make Up Challenge. 

Loisa is one person who’s very well aware about what she can and cannot do and how she is in real life. That said, she gamely admitted that she also underwent the quite embarassing jejemon phase and that up to now, she remains to be a gamer.

One thing that not too many probably know about Loisa is the fact that she’s one fun gamer.  Yep, she might not look like one but she unabashedly shares that she spends too much time playing that it has earned her new friends and has also allowed her to bond with her supporters. 

Before wrapping up the interview, Loisa turned serious as she talked about the future and her other goals as one of the industry’s most promising female teen stars today.