Spotlight on Kira Balinger



Kira Balinger has been in the entertainment 'biz for four years now and in this clip, she shared what common misconceptions people have about her job as an actress.

She looks like a doll, she's very sweet spoken, and she's a real head turner- that is how we see Kira. Her interesting story of discovery involved eating an ice cream at the mall. Want to know another interesting thing? If Kira will be featured on a local news, what would it be likely for? Find out here.

Can she cry like a newborn? How 'bout whip her hair like Willow Smith? Maybe she can imitate a rooster? Watch the video to find out how well Kira did in these random but fun tasks in this 7 Second Challenge.

Are you curious what's inside Kira's cute little sling? What do you think she can't leave the house without? Find out here.

While it might not be uncommon, Kira's latest achievement might actually the best dream come through for her. Intrigued? Watch this video to find out!