Starla grants five final wishes in last five starry nights

Will the heart’s purest wishes prevail over its own selfish desires in Starla? Will Starla be successful with her mission and turn into a wishing star? Or will she grant a bad wish and become a black hole?

Follow the final fight for hope, forgiveness, and love for family as Teresa (Judy Ann Santos) and her family scramble to make things right in the primetime program’s last five starry nights starting this Monday (January 6).

Teresa, Mang Greggy (Joel Torre), and Buboy (Enzo Pelojero) face a new challenge as Dexter (Joem Bascon) holds Starla (Jana Agoncillo) captive after having finally confirmed that she is the real reason behind the mysterious and inexplicable miracles in Barrio Maulap, which hindered his previous plans.

Desperate for the baby wishing star to follow his orders, Dexter resorts to blackmailing and cooks up yet another evil scheme as he threatens to endanger Buboy’s and Mang Greggy’s lives.

With just only five wishes left from her initial 50, the baby wishing star has to carefully weigh up the dangerous situation to ensure the safety of her adoptive family on Earth and the whole Barrio Maulap.

Meanwhile, after painfully reflecting on her actions and forgiving her father, a renewed Teresa plans to repent and to confess to the whole town her wrongdoings and original plans of revenge. Will the townspeople be able to forgive or will they now truly turn their backs on her? To what lengths will Teresa go to correct her mistakes?

With Dexter’s evil plans looming over the horizon, will Starla be able to save the town? Will she still become a full-fledged wishing star?

Starla written by Dindo Perez, and directed by Onat Diaz, Darnel Villaflor, and Jerome Pobocan, has brightened viewers’ nights nationwide as it imparted lessons and good vibes to kids and the whole family since its premiere last October. As 2020 kicks off, the series continues to remind viewers to carry with them the value of hope, forgiveness, love for family, and helping others for the rest of the year.

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