Those hilarious bloopers that made us love Starla even more

Each night, the fantasy-drama series Starla warms our hearts with the enlightening story about love, compassion, hope and forgiveness. With its moving story of how the kind hearts of Buboy (Enzo Pelojero) and his best friend wishing star Starla (Jana Agoncillo) is making miracles happen in the lives of the people around them, especially with Mang Greggy (Joel Torre) and his daughter Teresa (Judy Ann Santos), the show touches the very core of our hearts. And while making a good teleserye such as this, the cast and crew of Starla are indeed having much fun working with each other behind the cameras.

Among all the funny blooper moments here in their first week, one of the most amusing is the zoom-in shot of the Teleserye Queen Judy Ann Santos. In this blooper video, we can see how good she is by being able to withhold the emotions during a zoom-in shot, and managed to only spill her laughter out right after hearing their director say, “Cut!”

The following week, twisted pronunciation of words filled the show’s blooper documentary. This time, they try to put some adlibs into the scene, hoping that it would save the shot and the take would continue. However, their attempt fails because the adlib is somehow too obvious.

While it was the lighting and Boyong’s tricycle that failed during the show’s first week, the motorcycle that Doc Philip (Raymart Santiago) uses did not cooperate this time. Aside from this mechanical glitch, the cast often broke some of the set props while giving their best emotions in acting and the usual group in Lolita’s (Anna Luna) eatery gets so delighted in eating that they unintentionally speak incomprehensibly.

In the third week of Starla, the cast’s usual mistake was delivering mixed-up words in their lines. Sylvester (Jimmy Marquez) struggled on how he can sound as someone who grew up in a barrio, while Lolita and Boyong’s face-to-face scenes became very hilarious as the two get distracted with each other’s flaws. And if not distracted with their co-actors on the scene, the cast gets interrupted by some uncontrollable forces such as their coughs, sneezes or the weather.

Most remarkably, during the third week of the show, we can see how Judy Ann strived for quality in doing her work. Her driving scenes were real, which is why motorcycles on the road often distracted her. Although there were times that she already delivered her lines well, Juday willingly does another take saying she is not satisfied with what she gave as an actress. Indeed, she was not hailed as a Teleserye Queen for nothing.

Regardless of all those silly mistakes they all worked on fixing, the cast and crew of the show enjoyed each moment on the set and truly rejoiced right after achieving a perfect take.\

Catch Starla after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, weeknights on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida!