WATCH: ‘Toss Coin’ is now up on YouTube!
WATCH: ‘Toss Coin’ is now up on YouTube!

KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad’s international movie debut via the microfilm “Toss Coin” is now available to stream on Star Cinema’s official YouTube channel!

Set in the vibrant streets of Hong Kong, “Toss Coin” is the first microfilm helmed by the box office record-breaking director Cathy Garcia-Molina, and also serves as her first project with KDLex.

The film tells the story of Pia (Alexa), a bubbly vlogger who tosses a coin when faced with the choice of pursuing a lost love. Pia’s coin flip lands in the hands of a busker named Kiko (KD) who gets captivated by her at first sight. This fateful encounter sets them off on a journey where heads or tails can change everything. 

As Pia goes after her former flame (played by River Joseph), she dashes through the iconic attractions and hidden gems of Hong Kong, including the Bruce Lee statue in the Avenue of Stars, the esteemed Museum of Art, and the historical PMQ grounds.

Meanwhile, Kiko races against time to intervene before Pia makes a decision that might shatter her heart.  

Will Pia and Kiko miss their timing at the crossroads of love and chance? Or can a mutual spark come out of their “finders keepers” moment? 

Watch it all unfold in the romantic comedy “Toss Coin”, one of the three microfilms featured in "Hong Kong In The Lens By Asian Directors”, co-produced by ABS-CBN Film Productions, Inc. with CJ ENM Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Tourism Board. 

You can watch “Toss Coin” here:

After witnessing Pia and Kiko’s romantic adventure through Hong Kong, indulge in more giddy encounters between Alexa and KD from these “Toss Coin” behind-the-scenes moments, via this link:


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