WATCH: 30 Star Cinema action scenes that will bring you to the edge of your seats!
WATCH: 30 Star Cinema action scenes that will bring you to the edge of your seats!

As we continue our celebration of Star Cinema’s 30th anniversary, we pay tribute to that special group of films and actors that gave Star Cinema its earliest successes — action movies and action stars! 

What do heroes and villains have in common? They both up the ante when it comes to strength, speed, and spirit! And if you’re a die-hard fan of action-packed suspense, prepare for a crash landing of the best action scene compilation, where there’s no dead air between the fast punches of Fernando Poe Jr., ninja knockouts of Coco Martin, and more signature moves of action stars in Star Cinema films. And as gripping as these male leads are the fearless female protagonists played by Kathryn Bernardo, Judy Ann Santos, Toni Gonzaga, and Claudine Barretto, all of whom you can watch below. 

Shoot to kill is the name of the game for police officers and undercover agents who are up against the most adept criminals. Police officer Dario (Robin Padilla) and novice Marian (Claudine Barretto) drive away from an explosion as gang members shoot at them non-stop in “Oops, Teka Lang... Diskarte Ko 'To”. Secret agent Gerry (Bong Revilla) guns down criminals in an intense rooftop scene in “Sabi Mo Mahal Mo Ako, Walang Bawian”. Detective Dante (Lito Lapid) meanwhile gets into a high-speed car chase with arms smugglers in “Tapang sa Tapang”. 

If guns are not your thing but you’re still after the adrenaline rush, these dauntless women will give you your money’s worth for their daring efforts. Rebellious girl Jackie (Kathryn Bernardo) takes it upon herself to pin down a robber in “Crazy Beautiful You”. Pro boxer Katong (Judy Ann Santos) fights tooth and nail to win a boxing match in “Bakit Hindi Totohanin”. Police officer Moe (Toni Gonzaga) chases after a criminal while doing impressive flips and aerial stunts in “You Got Me”. 

Surely, all-time legends make some of the best picks when it comes to classic action scenes. Would you be able to look away when Greg (Eddie Garcia) jabs drumsticks through the palm of a man’s hand in a bar fight in “Tigasin”? Can you handle the thrill of watching Victor (Cesar Montano) plunge into a river with Isabel (Dayanara Torres) as they engage in a shootout in the middle of a jungle in “Type Kita... Walang Kokontra”? And what would you see coming after Bobby (Victor Neri) takes hostage of Celso’s (Robert Arevalo) unica hija in “Amanos: Patas ang Laban”?  

Find out the answers to these questions by streaming all these hand-picked scenes and more in our special 30th anniversary action compilation, now up on Star Cinema’s YouTube channel via this link:


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