‘Toss Coin’ makes YouTube premiere on January 11
‘Toss Coin’ makes YouTube premiere on January 11

No need to toss and turn for long!

KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad’s international movie debut via the microfilm “Toss Coin” is all set to premiere on Star Cinema’s official YouTube channel this Thursday, January 11! 

KDLex, as they are fondly called by their fans, marked a lot of career firsts with this romantic-comedy film set in Hong Kong – their first international project, first microfilm, and first time working with award-winning director Cathy Garcia-Sampana.

Direk Cathy is known for helming “Hello, Love, Goodbye”, the highest-grossing Philippine film of all time, which also happens to be set in Hong Kong.

This time, viewers will get to see the vibrant city in a new light as KDLex makes choices that hang in the balance of a single toss.

The film centers on the journey of a lovestruck vlogger named Pia (Alexa) who, faced with the dilemma of pursuing a lost love, resorts to a coin flip for guidance. But her course takes an unexpected turn when she encounters a busker named Kiko (KD) who is instantly smitten by her and intervenes in her plan.

Featuring picturesque spots and must-visit locations across Hong Kong, “Toss Coin” is one of the three microfilms featured in "Hong Kong In The Lens By Asian Directors”, co-produced by ABS-CBN Film Productions, Inc. with CJ ENM Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Tourism Board.


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