These team-ups with huge age gaps got movie fans super curious and giddy!
These team-ups with huge age gaps got movie fans super curious and giddy!

They say love knows no age, but does that apply to chemistry as well? You be the judge of these celebrity pairings that made their mark despite the huge age gaps. 

1. Kristine Hermosa and Aga Muhlach in ‘All My LIfe’  

Aga and Kristine were born in 1969 and 1983, respectively, so that sums up to 14 years apart. But in this movie, it’s as if destiny brought them together while their characters were travelling together on the same cruise. Their travel moments in the movie just made us feel giddy! Besides, we could all agree that Kristine seems to not age herself, even now that she already has five kids. 



2. Dayanara Torres and Cesar Montano in ‘Type Kita... Walang Kokontra 

When they did this 1999 movie, Dayanara Torres was 25 years old, while Cesar Montano was 37 years old. Dayanara’s character is supposedly set to meet her pen pal played by Bayani Agbayani, but his depleted self-esteem leads her to Cesar’s arms. Well, in real life, Cesar had a lovely Pasig River date with the 1993 Miss Universe, when they rode a speedboat there! Surely, their chemistry still radiates to this day, as this classic FULL MOVIE trended as #1 on YouTube! 



3. Jolina Magdangal and Robin Padilla in ‘Tunay na Tunay: Gets Mo, Gets Ko!’ 

Ever thought our favorite ‘90s teen icon would be teamed up with the era’s “Bad Boy” in an action-romance film? Well, it did happen, and it was powerful! Jolina was born in 1978 while Robin was born in 1969, giving them a 9-year age gap, but their coordinated action moves and teamwork amid chaos made their tandem a harmonious one that defies age. 



4. Richard Gomez and Bea Alonzo in ‘The Love Affair’ 

Bea Alonzo plays the third party in the undisputable classic love team of Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta in this movie. Bea and Richard have an 11-year age gap, but both of them are such professionals in the showbiz industry that their portrayal of their roles turned out to be convincing and even got us rooting for them! 



5. Coco Martin and Julia Montes in ‘A Moment in Time’ 

Their chemistry in the small screen through their first teleserye “Walang Hanggan” spilled over to the big screen with “A Moment in Time”, and even up until recently, when Julia guested in the last few episodes of “FPJ’s Ang Probinsiyano”. While speculations persist about their supposed real-life relationship, one thing we know for sure is their 14-year age gap didn’t get in the way of their powerful chemistry in the film.