These mother-daughter movie tandems will tug at your heartstrings!
These mother-daughter movie tandems will tug at your heartstrings!

We continue to deck your Star Cinema YouTube channel with a lineup of remarkable FREE films for National Women’s Month. Specifically, movies with mother-daughter tandems! Here we pick five films featuring poignant and even hilarious stories, revolving around that one-of-a-kind parent-child relationship. Dig in! 
“Call Center Girl” is about Teresa (Pokwang), a woman who spent 13-years working on a cruise ship to support her family. Returning home to fractured relationships, complicated by the death of her husband, Teresa appears to be caught in a downward spiral. But just like any other mom, she carries on and tries to help her daughter Regina (Jessy Mendiola) save money for a job offer in the United Kingdom. Along the way, Teresa tries to patch things up with Regina, who has grown distant towards her. 

“Way Back Home” is a heartbreaking film about two sisters separated for twelve years, after the older sister Jessica (Julia Montes) loses sight of the younger sister Joanna (Kathryn Bernardo) at the beach. Throughout those twelve years, Jessica has been dealing with guilt and the ire of her mother Amy (Agot Isidro), who unconsciously blames her for their loss of Joanna.  

“Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo” is the hilarious sequel to “Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo” where Angie (Judy Ann Santos) and Jed (Ryan Agoncillo) start to experience the joys and struggles of raising a child. Of course, Angie’s over-the-top mother Belita (Gina Pareño) returns. But this time, she has a boyfriend, which sends Angie scrutinizing! 
In “Crazy Beautiful You”, Kathryn Bernardo plays troubled and rebellious 19-year-old wild child Jackie who has long held pain in her heart after her mother, Dr. Leah (Lorna Tolentino), left with her brother after separating from her dad. When Jackie gets thrown in jail, as punishment, she is sent off to spend time with her mother on a medical mission camp in Tarlac. There, mother and daughter struggle to bond, and eventually, Jackie unravels all the pent-up anger. 
“Unexpectedly Yours” looks at generational differences and how this can affect a parent-child relationship. High-strung and uptight Gen-Xer Patty frequently bumps heads with her more free-spirited and impulsive Millennial daughter Yanni over multiple issues like her studies, work, and love life. Throughout the movie, communication is emphasized as the bridge for all generations. 

Call your mom over for a movie marathon and have a good cry together with these full movies, only on Star Cinema’s YouTube channel!