'Sparks Camp' episode 9 highlights: More tea, more drama! More kilig, more fun!
'Sparks Camp' episode 9 highlights: More tea, more drama! More kilig, more fun!

For the first time since “Sparks Camp” ended, the participants — Bong, Alex, Justin, Nat, Dan, Aaron, Gabe, Stanley, Nick, and Karl — reunited for another episode to look back on their journey inside the camp and to talk about their lives after their appearance at the queer dating reality show. 

The reunion was no less than fun, kilig-inducing, and peppered with hints of drama, which just shows how much the campers have really grown closer after they left the camp. 

Among the topics addressed during the reunion was the famous Bong-Alex-Justin love triangle, on which Justin defended himself since he and Alex already had a “thing” in the past. 

"Sana sinabi mo, kasi nagpaka-loyal ako kay Alex until the end. Kung nalaman ko na from the start [na] may thing kayo before, I could've opened myself to other campers," Bong said. 

"Wala talaga, nagkakilala lang kami noong night na 'yun. So 'di ko s’ya tinake against anyone or 'di ko siya tinignan as something important na i-share. I'm sorry," Justin explained. 

As for Nat, he revealed that “Sparks Camp” was actually his way of coming out to his parents who never knew his sexuality. While his dad didn’t take it well, Nat was happy that he was able to represent what most LGBTQIA+ members go through with their families. 

“I'm not really looking for pity or anything, but I realized, it was kinda cool that at least one of the campers is going through this, because this is a real-life situation that a lot of people are going through, and they don't see represented,” Nat said. “Even if it's like a negative, at least you know that you're not the only one.” 

It can be recalled that among the memorable sparks-giving parts in the show was when Gabe handed his spark to Aaron, after they went on a romantic spa date together. However, Aaron didn’t seem to feel a spark with Gabe, and gave his spark to Nick instead. 

While it’s something Gabe didn’t take personally, Aaron expressed his appreciation of how Gabe has been really kind to him during and after the show. 

“Throughout the entire series, I've only given my spark to one specific person. And at that point in time, sobrang na-appreciate ko 'yung kindness sa 'kin ni Gabe and that's something I could never replace. Especially even after," Aaron pointed out — before asking Gabe out. 

Gabe then jokingly rejected Aaron outright, saying that he is busy, as he also quips, “Yes! Na-reject ko si Aaron on national TV!” 

Meanwhile, Stanley took the opportunity to own up to his behavior during the show when he seemingly threw a fit at Justin for ghosting people he dated. Stanley and Justin have since resolved their conflict, but Stanley explained his side one last time. 

"Coming from experiences kasi, it's always the hyper masc guys who ghosts. Maybe because they're still in the closet. I'm not generalizing every hyper masculine gay person,” Stanley explained. “What I'm trying to say is maybe a part of me saw those qualities kay Justin, based on first impression.” 

“Maybe tama si Bong, siguro type ko nga [si Justin],” he added, which shocked the campers. 

Amid the discussion, Dan was also awarded as Mr. Amazing Smile for charming everyone not just with his smile, but also with his confidence and personality throughout the show. 

One of the couples who got a mutual spark in the finale, Nick and Karl, also happily opened up about how their relationship has progressed after the show. 

While they did try to make it work, Karl admitted it was hard for him to be in a long-distance relationship, given that he is based in Manila, while Nick is in Cebu most of the time. 

"Personally, medyo nahirapan lang ako sa long distance. Reality is, sometimes, love isn't enough. You have to be practical, realistic, and I think we talked about that naman din. It's the way it is," Karl said. 

“As much as we tried to align our lives and make it work, mahirap talaga because we have our own priorities din," Nick added. 

And since Nick and Karl didn’t work out, Nick opened himself to dating another person, who happens to be Nat. 

Nat talked about how Nick is the type of person who really spoils the person he’s dating, as Nick treated him multiple times and gave him gifts. 

"The story ends with I realized that he's not the kind of person I'm looking to date," Nat revealed. 

For his part, Nick poured his heart out at how he still hadn’t moved forward with what he had with Nat, the very first guy he had given flowers to. 

"The problem about it kasi biglang nawala and I couldn't understand, and I still couldn't process that," Nick admitted.  

"You mentioned before na 'Meron bang spark?' Sabi mo, 'Meron but it expired.' So, how can something just expire? How can for other people, it just expires? But then with me, I always carry it. With all the people I've loved, I always carry the love they've given me," he shared. 

See more of these emotional revelations from the reunion by watching the Sparks Camp ninth episode here: 


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