'Sparks Camp' episode 7 highlights: A wild pool party, one-on-one talks, and more!
'Sparks Camp' episode 7 highlights: A wild pool party, one-on-one talks, and more!

Before "Sparks Camp" ends next week, the campers were treated to a fun pool party where they got a chance to get to know their fellow campers even better, all while enjoying food and alcohol.  

And since the guys are free to talk with whomever they want to on this night, many of them turned gutsy and took their chances. 

As for Bong, he proceeded in his strategy of securing Alex by talking to Justin who also has his eyes on Alex. Bong also ~collaborated~ with Nat, so Nat can secure Justin, as Bong learns that Justin originally had his eyes on Nat before Justin got interested in Alex.  

Since they only had little interaction in the camp, Karl approached Nick, resulting in some sweet poolside moments, talking about the stories behind their tattoos, their fears, their perspectives in life, and more. 

"It's kinda unexpected noong nilapitan ako ni Karl and we had a good conversation. And that kinda stuck with me," Nick said.   

However, the sight of Karl and Nick enjoying their time together triggered Aaron, who's been open about the spark he feels for Nick in the past episodes. Aaron then took his chance to talk one-on-one with Nick, and even went the extra mile to show his feelings by giving Nick a drawing of him that Aaron himself drew, as well as giving Nick some flowers.  

"I was thinking about him while I was picking the flowers. I was thinking about him while I was drawing the sketch,” Aaron admitted. “I hoped and prayed na maparating sa kanya yung totoong nararamdaman ko.”  

After Bong spoke with Justin and Nat, he then made sure to secure the one whom he has his eyes on — Alex. Bong also tried asking Alex who he wanted to date from the camp if given the chance, and his answer truly sent Bong on Cloud nine!  

"If may opportunity talaga 'ko na makipagdate, si Bong talaga pipiliin ko. I think he deserves a nice date," Alex confessed.  

Seems like a date in the future, once the show ends, is really happening between them, because they even made a pinky promise for it!   

But Justin and Alex, who had a mutual spark in the past episode, also had their own moment, where Justin finally confessed that he likes Alex. Since they already had a past that didn't work out, Justin said he feels like he's now ready to give it another shot with Alex.  

"I'm giving this time a second chance from a failed attempt before," Justin said, to which Alex replied, "I'm unsure if I was gonna give him another chance or not."  

After their one-on-one, Alex and Nick chilled by the poolside, and were later on joined by Karl. Alex then opened up about his mental health issues that even led to him thinking about taking his life at one point.  

Alex couldn't help but break down after his confession, saying that his mullet hairstyle is a symbol of him choosing to continue his life.  

Drawing from his own experience, Karl also shared some words of wisdom to Alex that further brought Alex to tears.   

"It always feels easier if I just end things, walang problema ‘yung ibang tao. You always feel like if you stop everything, mas madali for others. Pero hindi, eh. Kasi mahal ka pa rin ng mga tao. Kaya hindi siya kasing dali as you think it is," Karl said.  

See more of these intense moments by watching the seventh episode of “Sparks Camp” here:  


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