FULL CAST REVEALED: Meet the all-star cast of ‘An Inconvenient Love’
FULL CAST REVEALED: Meet the all-star cast of ‘An Inconvenient Love’

We’re more than ready to put faces to all the names joining DonBelle in ‘An Inconvenient Love’! 

Last September 29, Star Cinema revealed the cast members who will act as the workmates of Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano in their respective jobs as Manny and Ayef. 

Ayef (Belle), a graduating student who works part-time at the 24-Ever convenience store, will be in the company of fellow employees Fetussa (Sheenly Gener), Kookie (Iana Bernardez), and Jobert (Adrian Lindayag). 

Meanwhile, Manny (Donny) owns and runs HalaManny, a boutique plant shop, with the help of Ben 1 (Krissy Achino) and Ben 2 (Brian Sy). 

Now that we’ve met their colleagues, it’s time to meet Manny and Ayef’s families! 

Stepping into the roles of Filemon (Ayef’s dad) and Terry (Ayef’s mom) are Epi Quizon and Matet de Leon, respectively. Now as Ayef works towards her dream of becoming an international animator, we are curious to know whether Filemon and Terry support their daughter. 

What we do know is that businessman Manny is a social activist by night who fights alongside the workers of Siena Corp, a company owned by his father, Wilfredo Siena, who will be played by screen veteran, Tirso Cruz III. 

As for the women in Manny’s “dysfunctional family”, Lara Quigaman will act as his stepmom, Teresa Loyzaga as his mother Meryl, and Maxene Magalona as his sister. 

Out of all Manny’s family members, the person most important to him is his brother with autism spectrum disorder (ASD): Dobs, to be played by RISE artist JC Alcantara. Acting as Dobs’ nurse in the movie is Vance Larena. 

In addition to Manny and Ayef’s families, we’re excited to see the appearances of Nicco Manalo as a policeman and Dwein Baltazar as Ayef’s professor in this film about “believing that love is just another inconvenience.” 

Nor Domingo, Jomari Angeles, Clara del Rosario, Aldo Ramzjoo, Ian Villa, Nour Hooshmand, and Ash Nicanor will also be part of this romance flick! 

As described in the official movie synopsis, "An Inconvenient Love" follows the story of Ayef, a convenience store staff who dreams of becoming an international animator, and Manny, a boutique plant shop owner by day and secret social activist by night.  

Both believing that love is just another inconvenience, they agree to a contractual love with an expiration date. As the dreaded expiration date nears, will they end their contractual relationship or will love end their inconvenient beliefs? 

Directed by Petersen Vargas and written by Enrico Santos and Daisy Cayanan, the film will premiere in cinemas on November 23, marking Star Cinema’s much-awaited comeback to theaters. 

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