Love that defies norms abound on Star Cinema's YouTube channel!
Love that defies norms abound on Star Cinema's YouTube channel!

Ever been caught in a romantic situation that's unconventional? You might have had doubts about it but one thing's for sure: what the heart says is what matters the most. Let these movies help you realize that it's okay to defy norms when it comes to love! 


If you're a guy who fell in love with an older woman or vice versa, "Love Me Tomorrow" shows you the ups and downs of this kind of relationship. In this movie, JC (Piolo Pascual), who works as a DJ, has a lot of young girls crushing hard on him, including the lovely Janine (Coleen Garcia). But he falls hard for an older woman, Christy (Dawn Zulueta), as he professes to have found more meaning in life with her.  


You might think "The Third Party" is your ordinary adultery or cheating story, but this movie is so one of a kind! Imagine having an ex you're still hung up with coming back into your life, but he's a completely different person. In this movie, Max (Sam Milby), ex-boyfriend of Andi (Angel Locsin), is revealed to be in a relationship with Christian (Zanjoe Marudo). To make things even more exciting, the couple welcomes Andi into their lives with the plan of adopting the baby she’s pregnant with, after she tells them that she didn't want to have a child at the moment. Personally, would you allow yourself to be in such a complicated set up?  


Some of you might have also fallen in love with someone who initially planned to commit themselves to God, say, a novice or a seminarian. This is what Dario (Robin Padilla), an ex-cop goes through, when Marian (Claudine Barretto), a novice, seeks his help to find someone, in "Oops, Teka Lang... Diskarte Ko 'To". Feelings can really develop naturally, especially when two people go through deadly and thrilling adventures, helping each other out. Isn't that what love is all about? 


Whatever the situation may be, love will always find a way to win. Besides, you can never go wrong with love. And when it comes to love stories, may they be tragic or with happy endings, Star Cinema surely has the right one for you. So head on over to Star Cinema's YouTube channel to watch our FULL MOVIE love stories for FREE, even with your special someone!