Funny queens who reign supreme in comedy on Star Cinema's YouTube channel!
Funny queens who reign supreme in comedy on Star Cinema's YouTube channel!

One of the most common misconceptions out there is that when it comes to the realm of comedy, women are supposedly too serious to be considered funny. We all know that's definitely not true, and comes only from paradigms imposed on us by patriarchy, right? Right!  

So, let’s raise a glass to mark the last day of National Women’s Month this year, and respectfully nod to five funny queens who stole the show from their respective movies with one funny quip after another! 

Melai Cantiveros in ‘The Adventures of Pureza’ 

Fresh from her “Pinoy Big Brother” (PBB) stint, fan favorite and big winner Melai Cantiveros was obviously going to be a star from the get-go! With her irreverent personality and witty one-liners, she embodied her role as Pureza! 

Kim Chiu in ‘Bride for Rent’ 

Another PBB alum and winner, Kim Chiu, started out as a sweet teen star before transitioning to more serious dramatic roles. But who knew she had comedic chops as well? Our favorite Chinita Princess made everyone cry from laughter with her role as Rocky. That "mark mark" line still gets us to this day! 

Angelica Panganiban in ‘Beauty in a Bottle’ 

Child star turned hugot queen Angelica Panganiban is probably one of the most beloved female celebrities in the Philippine entertainment scene. From her brutally honest acting style, to her super relatable personality, what's not to love about Angge? Plus, her versatility is one of the best in the industry — she’s effective both as a dramatic and comedic actress. Her role as Estelle is probably one of her most iconic. And who can forget the line, "Come back to the young and beautiful you!" 

Carmi Martin in ‘Four Sisters and a Wedding’ 

The moment Carmi Martin stepped into the frame as Jeanette Bayag, we all knew she was going to steal the show. Everything that comes out of her lips is instantly funny! We all know she is supposed to be a villainous figure in the film, but we can't help root for her because her role simply screams "Mother"! 

Ai Ai delas Alas in ‘Ang Tanging Ina Mo (Last na 'To!)’ 

Ai Ai delas Alas as Ina Montecillo might be one of the most beloved and remembered characters in Philippine movie history. This single mother of 12 has carved a special place in everyone's hearts in a span of three movies. She even became president! And in her third movie, she's still as iconic and hilarious as ever. Shoutout to Miss Eugene Domingo who played Ina's best friend Rowena, because their chemistry rules and all the more shows the comic prowess of women.  

Note to haters: women who do comedy do it excellently. And they are capable of doing anything that they put their hearts and minds into! You can watch their hilarious movies on Star Cinema's YouTube channel for FREE!