FULL MOVIE: 'Bcuz of U' delves into 3 highly relatable stories of love
FULL MOVIE: 'Bcuz of U' delves into 3 highly relatable stories of love

You know what's better than a kilig love story? A trio of it! 

"Bcuz of U", the 2004 romantic anthology film gave us this as it revolves around three love stories interconnected by a vintage car, which could well be a symbol of three couples’ journeys through love. 

In the first story, Ria (Kristine Hermosa) and RJ (Diether Ocampo) are the image of a perfect love until Ria chickens out on their wedding day. Years later, their paths cross again, but RJ lives a different life by then. Ria tries to win him back, but will her efforts lead to a happy ending? 

In the second story, Cara (Heart Evangelista) believes that falling in love will only break her heart. When she meets Roni (Geoff Eigenmann), she takes a chance on him, only to find out he's the kind of man she's been trying to avoid all the while. Will Cara ever find the courage to really risk it all for love? 

Total opposites Louie (Hero Angeles) and April (Sandara Park) are forced to work together to make ends meet in the third story. Despite not getting along at first, they eventually see the good in each other as they spend more time together. Will they give each other a chance to fall in love? 

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