Dolly de Leon sees Kathryn Bernardo as 'a very strong actress': ‘She’s up there’
Dolly de Leon sees Kathryn Bernardo as 'a very strong actress': ‘She’s up there’

Working with Kathryn Bernardo for the first time as a grown-up actress in "A Very Good Girl" gave Dolly de Leon an impression of how a "very strong actress" Kathryn truly is. 

The Golden Globe-nominated Dolly pointed this out during the film's media conference on August 23, where she rated Kathryn's acting a 9 out of 10, leaving just one point as room for improvement. 

"Kaya hindi perfect score because learning and growing is a never-ending process. There's always room for improvement," Dolly explained, with Kathryn enthusiastically nodding in agreement. "And perfection can never be achieved. But she's up there, she has a very high mark."   

"The reason why she's a very strong actress is because she's able to access her vulnerable side and express those emotions and flesh them out into a character, a living, breathing human being,” Dolly added. “And it takes skill and talent to be able to do that. And Kath does that." 

As someone who witnessed Kathryn’s growth from her younger years, the film's creative manager Carmi Raymundo also takes pride at witnessing Kathryn's progress, as she developed confidence and curiosity as an actress. 

"If there's one thing, I always tell her that grabe 'yung curiosity, grabe 'yung confidence na na-develop niya sa sarili niya. Enough to allow herself to be curious na i-expand, mag-explore ng mga emotions that you never thought she would explore. So 'yung courage na 'yun, nandoon siya ngayon," Carmi noted. 

We can’t wait to see more of this side of Kathryn in “A Very Good Girl”! Directed by Petersen Vargas, the highly anticipated revenge film is slated for release in cinemas on September 27! 

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