isa dalawa takbo, anjo yllana, smokey manaloto,
Budol tactics you need to know and avoid from ‘Isa, Dalawa, Takbo’ Supercut

Be careful when you’re on the road and come across someone like Dinggoy (Smokey Manaloto). 

He will make it look like you injured him, as his con-artist friend Esting (Anjo Yllana), who poses as an attorney, comes to his rescue and asks you for a huge amount of money, instead of bringing the case to undergo due process.  

Be vigilant as well about where you ask for help because your desperation could be used to extort money from you. Guys like Dinggoy and Esting could promise to do anything for you, from finding your missing dog to catching your partner red-handed, but there sure are consequences. 

Watch their funny antics in the video above and learn how not to be tricked!