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'An Inconvenient Love' breaks through the Netflix Global Top 10 for non-English films

"An Inconvenient Love" starring Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano is among the most-streamed non-English films worldwide for the week counting Feb. 20 to 26. 


As seen in the list released by the streaming giant, the Petersen Vargas film landed on the ninth spot, with a total watch hour of 1.96 million since its Feb. 23 release on the platform, for the aforesaid week alone. 


It also topped the list as the number one movie on Netflix Philippines in the same week! 






“An Inconvenient Love” had its much-anticipated release on the streaming platform after almost three months since it had its premiere in cinemas. The movie, written by Enrico Santos and Daisy Cayanan, also marked Star Cinema’s much-awaited comeback to theaters after pandemic restrictions on moviegoing have been lifted. 


The movie follows the story of Ayef (Belle), a convenience store staff who dreams of becoming an international animator, and Manny (Donny), a boutique plant shop owner by day and secret social activist by night. 


Both believing that love is just another one of life’s many inconveniences, they agree to a contractual kind of love — with an expiration date! As that dreaded expiration date nears, will they end their contractual relationship or will love end their inconvenient beliefs? 


You can now watch “An Inconvenient Love” on Netflix by clicking this link!