A Japanese period film you must watch before Kathryn’s 'Elena 1944' comes out!
A Japanese period film you must watch before Kathryn’s 'Elena 1944' comes out!

There’s not much details disclosed yet on Kathryn Bernardo's character in her upcoming movie, "Elena 1944", but Director Olivia Lamasan assured us that it will be Kathryn’s most daring role, and that the movie will be an action drama which focuses on comfort women during the Japanese occupation. But before this film comes to be, the Superstar and now National Artist for Film, Nora Aunor, also starred in a Japanese period film, the classic "Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos", with Christopher de Leon.  
The story of "Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos" starts in 1941 when Aunor's character, Rosario, and her family were still in denial of the possibility that the Japanese soldiers will start a war in our country, thinking that the Lord is merciful and that the Americans, through McArthur's return, will not abandon the Philippines.  
That’s not until they witness the war unfold right in front of them. At the same time, Rosario meets Masugi, Christopher de Leon's character, a Japanese soldier who invaded their home and raped her. 
The crucial incident of the film also happens in 1944, as Rosario gives birth to the fruit of her traumatic night with Masugi. Imagine being in Rosario's shoes who was raped, then is pursued by her rapist, gives birth to their child, is discriminated by fellow Filipinos for falling in love with a Japanese soldier, marries that same man, then loses her family to angry guerillas! Amid all the hardships she experiences as Masugi invades her life, Masugi tells her that he loves her. 

She responds by asking him, “Bakit mahal mo ‘ko?”, and his only answer is, “'Di ko alam. Basta't ang alam ko'y mahal kita.” We'd surely go crazy as Rosario who almost went off a cliff to give up her child.  
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