9 supernatural horror films to watch if you hate being ghosted
9 supernatural horror films to watch if you hate being ghosted

What’s worse — having to run away from a deadly fate or go head-to-head with unseen entities?  
Halloween may be over but it’s never too late to test your fight-or-flight response when watching supernatural films about helpless, clueless victims that are haunted by drama, spooked out with comedy, or distracted from romance.  

Would you dare to watch nine of our winning horror picks? Count us in for a ghostly time! 

“Sukob” shows us what happens when superstitions are not followed, albeit unintentionally, so how would we ever look at weddings the same way? Scream queen Kris Aquino and Optimum Star Claudine Barretto give us chills as their respective characters, Sandy and Diana, are terrorized by a corpse-like flower girl after they’ve unwittingly activated a deadly wedding curse. 

Speaking of curses, a family man named Peter (Dennis Trillo) unlocks a mysterious one after purchasing a second-hand home in “Hellcome Home”. More than gore and ghosts, the quaint residence is home to a threatening being that’s out to get families through their weaknesses. 

Nothing is indeed as powerful as the bond of family. “Maria Leonora Teresa” weaves the lives of three parents (Iza Calzado, Zanjoe Marudo, and Jodi Sta. Maria) who need to process their grief after their respective children Maria, Leonora, and Teresa tragically die in a vehicular accident on the way to a school field trip. As they cope with the help of life-sized dolls recommended by a psychiatrist, their lives take a sinister turn. 

Why settle for just one horror story when you can watch five in one go? The ones included in the anthology film “Cinco” are aptly named “Braso”, “Paa”, “Mata”, “Mukha”, and “Puso”. Take these as clues for the central subject of each story headlined by Sam Concepcion, AJ Perez, Robi Domingo, Jodi Sta. Maria, Maja Salvador, Rayver Cruz, Mariel Rodriguez, Pokwang, and Zanjoe Marudo. 

Prepare to shriek in shock as paranormal events unfurl in the Chito S. RoΓ±o film “The Healing”, starring the legendary Vilma Santos as Seth, a woman who has seemingly experienced the power of faith healing through her ill father. Will a faith healer be the answer to the prayers of Cookie (Kim Chiu), the half-sister of Seth’s estranged son, or will it be their worst nightmare?

“Bloody Crayons” makes for a perfect movie to watch with your barkada because this slasher film involves a group of friends who get trapped in an island with a murderer on a roll. Will the characters of Janella Salvador, Jane Oineza, Maris Racal, Ronnie Alonte, Sofia Andres, Diego Loyzaga, Yves Flores, Empoy Marquez, and Elmo Magalona figure out who among them is the killer? 

Now, for comedy horror lovers, we’ve got a special lineup for you! Start with the 1998 Laurenti Dyogi anthology “Magandang Hatinggabi”, where a group of teenagers learns about urban legends from an eerily deformed man named Fatman (Noni Buencamino). Follow it up with the 2011 film “Bulong” starring Angelica Panganiban and Vhong Navarro, who are on a mission to repel a curse unleashed from whispering a wish to a dead mangkukulam. Then shake off all the creeps with more laughter in the 2018 film “Da One That Ghost Away”, showing a different side of scream queen Kim Chiu, together with Ryan Bang, Enzo Pineda, Maymay Entrata, and Edward Barber. 

Excited to tap into the terror, mystery, and fun of these horror movies? They’re all easily available in one playlist that you can access now via this link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLalQNACgOUSd7ch0_oozl-CFq7KBdX3_Y 


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