6 of Piolo Pascual’s leading ladies with whom he has effortless chemistry!
6 of Piolo Pascual’s leading ladies with whom he has effortless chemistry!

It’s no wonder why Piolo Pascual remains a heartthrob and sought-after leading man. Take one look at Papa Pi’s magnetic gaze and boy-next-door smile, and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

From his very first love team with fellow veteran, Judy Ann Santos, in the early 2000s, Piolo went on to match with various actresses who only exemplified the actor’s one-of-a-kind charm and brought his versatility to the fore in every project. In other words, he’s called Papa Pi for a reason, and these talented actresses brought out the best in him!

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Judy Ann Santos in “Don’t Give Up on Us” and “Till There Was You”

In “Don’t Give Up on Us”, overbearing corporate boss Abby (Judy Ann) sparks a connection with laidback musician Vince (Piolo) while they’re in Baguio looking for the runaway bride of Abby’s brother.


Single dad Albert (Piolo) hires Joanna (Judy Ann) to pretend to be the mom of his daughter because of a random picture in “Til There Was You”. But what happens when real feelings ignite during this pretend parenthood?


Claudine Barretto in “Milan”

Lino’s (Piolo) search for his missing wife in Italy leads him to an encounter with diligent OFW Jenny (Claudine) who serves as a wake-up call to his desperation.


Sarah Geronimo in “The Breakup Playlist”

Where once was adoration between rock band frontman Gino (Piolo) and his musician girlfriend Trixie (Sarah) is now growing with resentment over the disparity in their career trajectories.

Dawn Zulueta in “Love Me Tomorrow”

Despite their age gap, JC (Piolo) and Cristy (Dawn) dive into the deep end of their unlikely romance, infuriating Janine (Colleen Garcia), a model who’s always pined for JC’s affections.


Yen Santos in “Northern Lights: A Journey To Love”

In the picturesque state of Alaska, the life of absentee father Charlie Sr. (Piolo) gets turned upside down when his estranged son (Raikko Mateo) suddenly enters the picture. At the same time, he meets Angel (Yen), a young Filipina who came all the way to Alaska to look for her own estranged mother.


Toni Gonzaga in “Starting Over Again”

Years after getting ghosted by his girlfriend Ginny (Toni), Marco (Piolo) has moved on from devastating heartbreak and built a life with Patty (Iza Calzado). But what if Ginny comes back to his life in complete remorse? Will Marco choose their unfinished love story over his present commitment?



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